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A) Study the following new words and phrases yourself. Consult a dictionary. Ask the teacher to help if you have any problems with understanding.

Phrases New Words
Can I help you? Flight
Do you have any seats? Airport
Check-in time Direct
Direct flight Check-in
Let me check Check
Be in time Economy


Use the words below to fill in the blank spaces in the dialogue.

J take J need J flight J see J time J help J have

J airport J direct J check J seats J leave


Agent: Cathay Pacific Airways. Can I __________ you?
Ani: Yes. I __________ a __________ from Tokyo to New York on Friday. Do you have any __________?
Agent: Let me __________. Yes. I __________ one on the 5: 30 flight.
Ani: Five thirty! Whatís the check-in __________?
Agent: One hour economy. Thirty minutes business class. Will you __________ that?
Ani: No. I wonít get to the __________ in time. When will the next flight __________?
Agent: There wonít be another __________ flight on Friday. There will be one on Saturday at the same time.
Ani: Fine. Iíll __________ that.
Agent: Just let me __________. Oh, Iím sorry, that flightís full.


b)Match the following travel related activities to the places.


buy tickets 1) information desk
get the train schedule 2) at the pay phone
make a phone call 3) airport
check my luggage 4) newsstand
eat something 5) baggage check
wait for the train 6) train station
buy a newspaper 7) snack bar
catch the train 8) waiting area
catch the plane 9) ticket office


A) Choose the right answer.

1. To go on holiday especially because you need a rest is to __________.
    a) get over b) go off c) get away
2. To show your ticket and get your seat at the airport is to __________.
    a) check out b) check off c) check in
3. When the plane leaves the ground it __________.
    a) takes off b) takes over c) takes in
4. The time a train, bus or plane arrives is when it __________.
    a) gets away b) gets in c) gets over
5. To visit somewhere for a short time when you are going somewhere is to __________.
    a) stop off b) stop away c) stop on


B) Use an appropriate phrasal verb instead of the underlined words.

1. Our train arrived late in the evening, so we didnít manage to get to our favourite shop.
2. Itís better to arrive to the airport early, show your ticket and get a good seat on your flight.
3. ďThe president of the company never manages to go on holiday during the summerĒ.
4. Our plane leaves at 11 oíclock and arrives in Venice at 1.30.
5. We made a stop at Edinburgh to see the castle.


A) Match idiomatic expressions(1-6) with their definitions(a-f).

1. to travel light a) to take a trip somewhere
2. to sail close to the wind b) someone who gives unwanted advice and annoys you
3. to hit the road c) to travel with very little luggage
4. to have itchy feet d) to be in the same unpleasant situation
5. a backseat driver e) to have a strong desire to leave a place and to travel
6. to be in the same boat f) to take risks to do something


B) Underline the correct word and explain the phrase.

1. Aunt Mary drives us all crazy with her instructions; sheís an incurable backseat / road driver.
2. We had to travel over / light an old bridge over the Mississippi to get to my sisterís house.
3. If somebody hit me, Iíd hit the road / back.
4. Tom: Iím broke. Can you lend me twenty dollars? Bill: Sorry. Iím in the same page / boat.
5. You were sailing a bit against / close to the wind there when you made those remarks about his wife.
6. In spring, when everything is in bloom I have itchy eyes / feet.



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