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Healthy Way of Life, Sport

1. Letís talk about sport and a healthy way of life. What do you do to keep fit? Nowadays people have to work more and they prefer to rest more actively. It's important to be in good shape and to stay healthy and attractive. To my mind, physical exercises are essential for everyone. If you want to be strong physically and mentally, you can go to a fitness club, a sauna or a swimming pool. Physical exercises strengthen the immune system, improve mental health and help prevent different diseases and obesity. Exercising is also the best remedy for insomnia, depression and stress.

If you don't have an opportunity to go to a fitness club, you can just exercise at home. You can also do your morning exercises, jog, swim in summer, ski or skate in winter, play different sports games such as tennis, football, volleyball, basketball and so on. At least you can dance and jump about your room to music for 10-15 minutes each day. To conclude, if you want to be slim and strong, you must leave your comfortable armchair and exercise. It is not enough to watch other people doing sports. Only regular exercises will help you make your life longer and healthier.

2. Do you agree that bad habits, like smoking, can be dangerous for us? Why? Smoking is the best way to bad health. Smoking is considered to be a long time suicide: one out of ten men in the world is a smoker and every 8 seconds someone dies because of this habit. Cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals, harmful for our health. More than 40 diseases are associated with smoking: cancer, bronchitis, heart diseases. The immune system of an active smoker is so bad that they take more time to recover from any disease.

3. What questions will you ask a professional sportsman? (Ask 3 questions.)

1) Was it difficult to become a professional sportsman?

2) Do you have to train a lot?

3) What international competitions have you taken part in?

4. What can you advise a person who wants to lose weight? In chase of health and beauty a lot of people follow different weight-loss diets. But they often forget about the conse≠quences. Personally I think, the best way to lose weight is to exercise. Physical exercises help you to be in good shape and to stay healthy and attractive. Running and swift walking help to burn calories. Besides, you should avoid fast, fried and fatty food. If you want to lose weight and to preserve health, it's better to begin with smaller portions of food and some substitutions. For example, you can replace a cup of tea and a cake with a glass of juice. It is great to be slim, but never forget that "health is the best wealth".

5. What is the best way to promote a healthy way of life among young people?

I think, that the following measures should be taken: our government should increase school's health education curricula, create more recreational programmes or events that promote healthy living. Physical education classes must be an essential part of this health programme. Besides, parental involvement should be encouraged. Mass Media is also an important factor of promoting a healthy way of life.

Mass Media

1. Letís talk about mass media: TV, newspapers, radio. Radio and TV, newspapers and magazines are mass media which keep people informed on the topical issues of the day. Both on radio and TV you can listen to a programme on sports, art, news, music and weather. Besides, there are a lot of entertaining programmes on TV, a lot of feature, documentary films which provoke hot discussions. Radio is preferable to TV when you are at work and need information or have to focus your attention on something else. For example, when you drive a car, it's better to listen to radio than to watch TV.

But both radio and TV play an important role in our life as well as newspapers. Every day millions of newspapers and magazines are published all over the world. There are different national and local papers, dailies and weeklies. They satisfy different interests and tastes. People subscribe to various papers and magazines, but they have one common aim. They inform the readers of the current events, home and international affairs, carry commentaries on the most interesting facts, make readers acquainted with different opinions on various problems. There are also articles on sports, art, music, new books. There are interviews with well-known people and celebrities. Everything printed corresponds to people's interests.

2. Is there any means of communication you canít live without? Why (not)? Nowadays we can't do without such gadgets as mobile phones and Personal Computers. In my opinion, they facilitate our lives and save our time. By means of mobile phones we can access people we need to speak to and we can never miss anything important. Personally, I can't do without my computer as it helps me study. For example, it helps me prepare reports and create beautiful presentations. Besides, the computer is a great source of entertainment. I often play computer games, watch films or listen to music and chat with my friends.

3. What questions will you ask the participants of a TV reality show? (Ask 3 questions.)

1) Was it difficult to become a participant of this reality show?

2) What qualities do you need to become a participant of a reality show?

3) What life experience have you got?

4. Iíd like to watch an interesting programme on TV. What can you advise me?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Can the Internet replace all the other means of mass media? What is your point of view?

The Internet helps us learn the latest news, access useful information, communicate with our friends. People do business, communicate and do the shopping via the Internet. It is much easier to work and study thanks to the Internet nowadays. But I think that the Internet canít replace all the other means of mass media, because all these sources contribute to the development of the information network.


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