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How to reduce stress

Stress can be reduced by taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet

It is also important to get sufficient sleep and make leisure time a priority

People should work less overtime and take regular holidays

Schools have started to employ psychologists

They can offer emotional support to students

They can help students to cope with exam stress


Housing and Architecture

State/council housing

In some countries the government provides state or council housing

This helps people who cannot afford to buy their own house

It can be argued that state housing creates dependence on the government

People should be rely on the government to look after them

People have no incentive to earn money and buy their own home

Council properties are often made with cheap, poor-quality materials.


Old Buildings

Historic buildings are part of a country’s heritage

They should be protected

Old buildings are often considered to be works or art

They give character to cities and attract tourists

They show us how people lived in the past

We identify countries by architectural symbols like the pyramids in Egypt

Governments should spend money on looking after historic buildings

They need regular repairs and maintenance

New buildings should be designed to complement them


Modern/green buildings

Modern buildings should be designed to be environmentally friendly

They should use less energy and produce less waste

Modern insulation can make houses more energy-efficient

Solar and wind power can be used to generate electricity

Rainwater and waste water can be recycled and used to flush toilets.

Modern glass buildings take advantage if natural light



English as an international language

English is widely used around the world

It is becoming a global second language

It is the dominant language of technology, science and international business

International business meetings are regularly held in English

The most important textbooks and journals are published in English

The ability to speak English is a necessary skill in the modern world


Negative of English as an International Language

If one language is dominant, other languages may disappear

The dominant language brings its own culture

American culture has become popular around the world

Other cultures may be damaged

As an alternative to English, a new global language could be invented

It would have no nationality or culture attached to it

This could help to promote international peace and understanding

Esperanto is an example of a language that was invented with this aim



Money and Society

Society has become increasingly materialistic

People aspire to earn more money

They want a bigger house or a better car

We connect wealth and material possessions with happiness and success

Brands like “Armani” or ”Mercedes” are status symbols

Advertising creates new desires and needs

It persuades us to buy the latest styles


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