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Arguments against Vegetarianism

Animal rights. 3

3. Cities. 5

4. Crime. 6

5. Education. 8

6. Environment. 14

7. Family. 17

8. Gender. 19

9. Genetic Engineering. 20

10. Global issues. 21

11. Government and Society. 22

12. Guns and Weapons. 24

13. Health. 26

14. Housing and Architecture. 27

15. Language. 28

16. Money. 28

17. Personality. 29

18. Sport and Leisure. 30

19. Television, Internet, Phones. 31

20. Tourism.. 33

21. Traditional vs Modern. 34

22. Transport. 35

23. Water. 36

24. Work. 37





Positives of Advertising


Advertising is a key part of modern business

Companies need to tell customers about their products

Advertisements inform us about the choices we have

Advertising is a creative industry that employs many people

Without advertising we would have less choice

Without advertising there would be higher unemployment

Advertising is a form of modern art

People enjoy adverts


Negatives of Advertising


Advertising manipulates people

It aims to persuade people that buying a product will make them happier

Advertisers focus on selling a brand image

They use glamorous, successful people

We now live in a consumer culture

We are persuaded to follow the latest trend

We are encouraged to associate certain brands with a higher status

Advertisers often aim their marketing at children

Children can easily be influenced by advertisements.

Children put pressure on parents to buy them things


Opinions about Advertising


Advertising should be regulated

Advertising aimed at children should be controlled or even banned

Unhealthy foods should not be marketed in a way that attracts children

Products that can be risk to healthy should display warnings

In some countries it is illegal to advertise cigarettes on television

Warnings must be displayed on cigarette packets

However, advertising is necessary in free market economies

It creates demand for products

Governments should only censor false information or products that are harmful



Animal rights

Arguments for Animal testing

Animals are used in important scientific research

It is necessary to do medical tests on new drugs

Animal testing helps to advance medical and scientific knowledge

Many important medical discoveries involved experimentation on animals

Researchers aim to minimize the suffering that animals experience

Testing for the cosmetics industry is now banned in many countries


Arguments against Animal Testing

The benefits of research using animals do not justify the suffering caused

There are alternative methods of research

The lives of animals should be respected

Humans have no moral right to do experiments on animals

Arguments for Vegetarianism

Vegetarians do not eat foods that are produced by killing animals

Many people choose a vegetarian diet for moral or health reasons

A healthy diet is possible without eating meat

It is unnecessary to kill animal for food

A vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of disease like cancer

Many people question the treatment of animals in factory farms

Arguments against Vegetarianism

Vegetarians do not eat a balanced diet

In many cultures, meat is the main ingredient in traditional meals

Meat-eaters argue that animals are below humans in the food chain

It is completely natural for us to kill them for food

Our aim should be improve farming methods

Farms should produce organic food

Positives of Zoos

Zoos paly an important role in wildlife conservation

They can help to protect endangered species

Zoos allow scientists to study animals and their behavior

Zoos are educational, interesting and fun

Children, in particular, enjoy learning about animals

Zoos provide job opportunities.

Negatives of Zoos

Zoo animals are kept in artificial environments

They are kept in cages or have limited space

Zoo animals rely on humans

They lose the freedom to hunt for food

They best way to save endangered species is by protecting natural habitats.

Some people believe that zoos are unethical

Zoos exhibits animals with the aim of making money

We have no right to use animals for entertainment and profit.


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