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Weather and climate

Climate is the weather a certain place has over a long period of time. Climate has a very important influence on plants, animals and humans and is different in different parts of the world. Some scientists think that the world is becomming hotter. If you compare Moscow winter and summer temperatures at the beginning of our century and at its end you will see that climate has really changed. Winters have become warmer. Sometimes there is little snow in January, and there were winters when it rained on the New Year's Eve. Many people say that it is so because of the greenhouse effect. During the last 100 years people have produced a lot of carbon dioxide. This gas in the atmosphere works like glass in a greenhouse. It lets heat get in, but it doesn't let much heat get out. So the atmosphere becomes warmer. Where does the carbon dioxide come from? People and animals breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. We produce carbon dioxide when we burn things. Trees take this gas from the air, and produce oxygen. But in the last few years, people have cut down and burn big areas of rainforest. This means there are fewer trees, and, of course, more carbon dioxide! As we see the climate in different parts of the world changes a little from year to year. These changes can be dangerous for our planet, which needs protection. Earth is millions of years old, much older than the humans. We know many of its secrets. Yet there is still much to learn.


Modern life is easy and fun. We have all the amenities. We do not need to go to the movies, because we have big TVs at home. The children have cell phones with large displays. Modern technology is useful and convenient. In my opinion, Internet is the most comfortable thing. Computers are also an important invention, but Internet is better than any other type of information. Originally, Internet was a military experiment in the USA of 60-s. But soon it became clear that everyone in the world can use it.

Everybody knows that the Internet is a global computer network, which embraces hundreds of millions of users all over the world. The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. Itís hard to imagine our lives without Internet nowadays. It has become an important part of every personís life. It is clear that the accurate number of users can be counted fairly approximately, nobody knows exactly how many people use the Internet today, because there are hundreds of millions of users and their number is growing.

Nowadays, no one can deny the importance of the Internet. Sitting in front of a computer, clicking a mouse, you can shop, download many interesting films, books, read news about subject which is interesting for you, play computer games with other players, chat and send mails to your friends. Internet has drastically changed everything. Since the time of Internet appearance, many other media sources became unnecessary. You can find the information youíre looking for in 5 seconds. It is very convenient for students, professionals, experts and all other people. From one side, itís great to have everything right here online, from the other side, itís a shame that people have stopped reading paper books and newspapers. Nowadays the most popular Internet service is e-mail. Most of the people use the network only for sending and receiving e-mail messages. They can do it either they are at home or in the internet clubs or at work. With the help of the internet people from different parts of the planet can communicate with each other and share information without leaving their home. It has become easier to meet like-minded people from all over the world and become friends with them.

There are many different Internet competitions for different subjects which give students the opportunity to participate even in international competitions. Thanks to the Internet, people can quickly sell, advertise and share knowledge, idea, and personal feelings. People enter the world of virtual reality to avoid everyday problems. In spite of all the good sides that Internet has, there are some drawbacks. First of all, they are viruses, which can be very dangerous for any computer. Thatís why itís good to have reliable anti-virus software installed. Other minus is the violent content. There is a lot of violence and cruelty online. People are suffering from inappropriate information on the Internet, because it is very hard to control information from the Internet. Although the Internet offers us large amount of information, its reliability is dubious because many untrue news stories can be posted and cause confusions to many people. It is very difficult for us to find out what websites are reliable and what are not. Also you can get blackmail or spam. I think that the Internet becomes a way of a person life and it is very harmful for our health. Many teenagers spend a long of time sitting at the computers and spoiling their eyes. I don't mean that I am against the Internet, but it should have reasonable limits.

Social Networks

We don`t imagine our lives without Internet. We can find all necessary information there. We use popular services and sources every day. One of the most popular sources is social nets. A social network is a very useful invention of the 21st century. Nowadays millions of people use social networks. It is an Internet site that gives us a chance to support various contacts, keep friendly relationships with classmates, acquaintances. More functional social nets allow watching photos and video films, to listen to music and so on. There is a possibility to enter different interesting groups. There exist social nets connecting people according to a general interest, for example, computer games players are combined into a social net.

People got used to surfing on the Internet because it is quick and very easy to discover any wish. You don`t need to think of suggestions and ideas. At least what you need is to be able to type correctly. I think social networks help disabled and lonely people very much. They can create an account and start communicating with other identical partners. Most of social networks are used by people to meet friends with similar interests and hobbies. Very often close - minded persons find each other on the Internet. Although people live far away from one another any network can unite them. However why are social networks so widespread and widely used? As we live in an era where technology is at its peak and is in constant development, things like reading books on the internet, shopping online and communication with contacts around the globe, which were impossible a hundred years ago, are now part of everyday life. The most vital part of todayís world is speed Ė the speed of acquiring information.

The appeal of social networks lies firstly in their accessibility Ė the registration on most of the popular social networks is free of charge. Accessibility and ease of use is what makes sites such as Facebook and MySpace appealing. Secondly social networks create the possibility to connect with friends, acquaintances or even strangers across the world, which is vital in the modern world. While during the pre-internet era communication required countless amounts of time, energy and money then today it is only a click away. In addition social networks allow people to monitor the social developments of their Ďfriend listí. Finally, in addition to fulfilling the task of a social network, sites such as Facebook, provide entertainment for their users. Take for instance the Facebook applications, which feature all kinds of quizzes and games for the users. And so numbers of users of Facebook are millions.

Writing and receiving correspondence with the help of post is a long process. It takes time and money. More over a letter can be lost. But e-mail can`t be lost and doesn`t take much time. A social network is a very useful invention of the 21st century. Thanks to modern technologies people can not only write different kinds of letters to their partners all over the world, but talk and see them by means of a web camera. But on the other hand, social networks are a great trouble. They made people forget traditional heart-to-heart talk. Sometimes you can`t see the eyes of your partners and feel their emotions. Besides, social networks are full of aggressive, cruel, violent and dangerous videos for children.

Many uncertain persons try to raise their self-confidence using social networks. It can be said that on the internet, namely on social networking sites you can never be certain of who is ďlisteningĒ. I believe networks can be used by adult people and children at the age of fourteen and up. As for me, I use social networks with great pleasure as they give me a helping hand with my self-education and communication.

Homeless animals

Walking along the street, we can always see some creatures. It can be a dog or a cat. They all are different, but there is one thing which unites them. These animals have not any home and any headmaster. The problem of such homeless animals is actual nowadays, and people try to find fairer and easier solution to this problem.
As for my point of view, I consider that homeless animals can be very dangerous for people, and the easiest solution to this problem is to collect and put them to sleep. But at the same time, there is also another method solving the problem which, to my mind, is more humane and fairer than that one. It is to collect homeless animals and place them into special accommodations, so called shelters, where animals must be cleaned, fed and where they can live until they find a new headmaster or until they die. But unfortunately, not every government has enough amount of money or does not want to spend money for an organization of shelters for homeless animals.
But, everyone knows, each problem has two opinions and this topic is not an exception. Some people claim that animals without owners should have the right to live on the streets. I consider that their opinion is wrong for the next reasons. First of all, we can quite often watch on TV occasions of street animals' attack a person. But the most terrible thing is when a homeless animal attacks a child. In addition to, these animals can be carriers of various dangerous for people's life diseases.
In conclusion I would like to say that anyway I and many other people feel sorry for animals without owners because they are also beings as we and therefore they have the right to live as people have. Our task is to care of such animals as much as it is possible, because animals cannot care for themselves.

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