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Warmaster Tsavong Lah

Q: Warmaster Tsavong Lah's commander effect applies to "allied Yuuzhan Vong." Does this mean it applies to all allies in the Yuuzhan Vong faction, or just those with "Yuuzhan Vong" in their name?

A: It applies to all allies of the Yuuzhan Vong faction.


Q: Does Xizor's commander effect refer to characters with the Black Sun ability, Black Sun in their name, or both?

A: Both. See the definition of Black Sun.

Yoda of Dagobah

Q: Yoda of Dagobah's Commander effect includes "A character still can't spend Force points more than once per turn." But what if the character has Force Spirit from Obi-Wan. Can the character still spend Force points twice per turn and can it use Yoda's Force points both times as long as they aren't mixed with the character's own Force points?

A: Yes.

Special Abilities

Q: When can a character use a special ability or Force power that replaces attacks (such as Force Lightning)?

A: A special ability or Force power that replaces attacks can be used only during a character's turn. A character cannot use a special ability that replaces attacks when it is granted an extra attack, such as when an enemy provokes an attack of opportunity or a commander grants an immediate attack.

Q: Some special abilities (such as Careful Shot, Deadeye, and Mighty Swing) grant bonuses on Attack and/or Damage when a character doesn't move any distance. Must the attacking player decide whether to use such an ability before the attack roll?

A: Yes, these abilities must be declared in advance. If the attacker uses one of these abilities, it cannot move later that turn.

Accurate Shot

Q: Can my character with Accurate Shot attack characters with Stealth, Cloak, Invisibility or the "super-stealth" commander effect?

A: Stealth only makes a character not count as the nearest enemy when it has cover. Since Accurate Shot is not limited to attacking the nearest enemy, Stealth does not prevent being targeted by this character. Cloak, Invisibility and the "super-stealth" commander effect all require being adjacent to target the enemy. Since Accurate Shot does not make these characters count as adjacent, this character may not target enemies with these effects.

Q: Can Accurate Shot be used with Missiles, Flamethrower, or other similar abilities?

A: No. It only works on attacks and these abilities do not count as attacks.


Q: Could a Jedi Crusader include both Revan and Malak in its squad or is it limited to one or the other?

A: Both.

Q: Can Garm Bel Iblis bring in an Antarian Ranger or Yuuzhan Vong Ossus Guardian into a New Republic or Rebel squad through his Reinforcements?

A: Yes to a New Republic squad, both these characters are allowed in New Republic squads. No to a Rebel squad. The faction is not adjusted until after the character is legally added to the squad and neither of these characters is allowed in a Rebel squad.

Avoid Defeat

Q: Do multiple copies of Avoid Defeat stack? For example, if a character has three Medical Droids adjacent to it, does it get three separate attempts at Avoid Defeat?

A: No. A character cannot benefit from two copies of the same ability at the same time. A character that acquires multiple copies of Avoid Defeat can use only one of them when he would be defeated.


Q: If a character changes sides due to Betrayal and is defeated, who gets the victory points (for sanctioned play or for purposes of a tie-breaker in casual play)?

A: The player whose squad defeated the character gets the victory points. For example, if you lose one of your characters to Betrayal and then defeat him, you get points for defeating that character, even though he started out on your side.

Black Sun

Q: Would a character with Black Sun in a squad with Prince Xizor get Grenades 10 from Black Sun, and then Grenades 20 from Prince Xizor's commander effect?

A: Yes.


Q: Does Blaster use the normal targeting rules?

A: Yes.

Q: Would abilities like Jedi Hunter work when using Blaster?

A: Yes. It works like any other attack in regard to bonuses to Attack or Damage.


Q: If a character uses the Bodyguard ability to protect a Droid hit by an enemy Jawa, who has a Damage rating of 10 and the Ion Gun ability (+20 Damage against Droid characters), does the Bodyguard character take 10 damage or 30 damage?

A: It takes 30 damage. Determine all damage based on the original target of the attack, then decide whether the Bodyguard character takes the resulting damage. Modifications to damage from critical hits, and abilities such as Cunning Attack, and the like, are all calculated based on the original target of the attack.

Q: Suppose Emperor Palpatine is adjacent to a Royal Guard, who in turn has a Twi'lek Bodyguard adjacent to him. If the Emperor takes damage that is transferred to the Royal Guard, can that damage then be transferred to the Twi'lek ("cascading" the damage from the Emperor "through" the Royal Guard to the Twi'lek)?

A: No. Damage transferred by Bodyguard must be from an "attack," not assigned by a special ability.

Q: If you have a Bodyguard character with 10 Hit Points adjacent to an ally who is hit by an attack that deals 30 points of damage, does the Bodyguard absorb only the first 10 points of damage, leaving 20 to be taken by the original target?

A: No. If a Bodyguard character absorbs damage from an attack, it takes all of the damage (protecting the original target completely), even if it has fewer Hit Points than the attack's damage.

Q: Can Aayla Secura use Bodyguard and then use Lightsaber Deflect to take no damage?

A: No. A character can use Lightsaber Deflect only if it is hit by an attack. The Bodyguard special ability states that "if an adjacent allied character would take damage from an attack, a Bodyguard character can take the damage instead, even if it is not a legal target for the attacker." Though the Bodyguard character takes the damage, it isn't actually hit by the attack, so it can't use Lightsaber Deflect.

Q: Can Bodyguard be used to transfer the damage from Missiles, Grenades, Sith Grip, Force Burst, or other abilities that don't require an attack roll?

A: No. Bodyguard can only transfer damage from attacks. Offensive abilities that don't require attack rolls aren't attacks, so Bodyguard cannot transfer the damage from those abilities. See the Attacks section of this article for more details on what counts as an attack.

Q: Does the Emperor's Bodyguard ability work on characters whose name contains Emperor Palpatine as noted on the Royal Guard card from the Rebel Storm set, or on anyone whose name contains Emperor as on the Royal Guard in the Revenge of the Sith set?

A: It works on characters whose name contains Emperor, retroactive to the older figure as well.

Bombad Gungan

Q: Does Bombad Gungan work any time you target including Missiles or Force Lightning, for example, or only when you make a targeted attack?

A: Any time you target.

Q: What exactly does it mean when the attack or ability is "redirected". Does the other character become the target?

A: No. It becomes a non-targeted attack on the selected character, so something like Draw Fire would no longer be possible after redirecting for example.

Q: Could Bombad Gungan be used to force a character to attack a character with a special ability that makes it an illegal target, like a Cloaked character from a non-adjacent square, or an Order 66 character attacking Emperor Palpatine Sith Lord?

A: Yes.

Q: Does Bombad Gungan allow you to attack a character you can't normally attack, like a character 6 squares away with a melee attack, or a Diplomat when you can see an enemy non-Diplomat?

A: Yes.

Q: What about a similar situation with a character you can't normally affect, say a Droid when using Thud Bug, or a character with Force Immunity when using Force Lightning?

A: You still wouldn't be allowed to affect them even if you can redirect to them if there are additional limitations outside of those related to targeting.

Q: If Bombad Gungan forces a character to attack itself, and it has an ability like Momentum or Lightsaber, would the character count as adjacent to itself?

A: A character does not count as adjacent to itself.

Q: If a Melee Attack character attacks Jar Jar from an adjacent square, does it still count as adjacent when redirected to a character 6 away?

A: No. It wouldn't count as attacking an adjacent enemy for determining cover or for abilities like Mighty Swing or Momentum for example.

Q: Would Overwhelming Force prevent Bombad Gungan from being used?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Bombad Gungan optional?

A: No.

Booming Voice

Q: Mas Amedda's Booming Voice says it gives "unlimited range" to commander effects. Does that mean it applies to all eligible allies?

A: No. "Unlimited range" means there is no specific range limit, but you still must be able to count range to that ally for the commander effect to apply. For example, if the commander is isolated in a room with all of its doors closed, it is impossible to count range to any character outside that room. Thus, the commander effect would not apply to any character outside.

Q: If Mas Amedda is in an Imperial squad with Grand Admiral Thrawn, can Thrawn really swap allied characters anywhere on the map if he can count (unlimited) range to them?

A: Yes.

Q: If Mas Amedda is in an Imperial squad with Grand Admiral Thrawn, does Ysalamiri apply to every allied character on the map?

A: No. Even though it is limited to 6 squares, Ysalamiri is not a commander effect.


Q+: How does Reinforcements affect the cost of a character when checking Bravado?

A+: Reinforcements does not affect the cost of a character; it changes the value in victory points. Compare to whatever cost was paid to add the character into the Reinforcements pool.

Breath Mask

Q+: Does Breath Mask work on an ability like Poisoned Blade?

A+: Yes.

Careful Shot

Q: I played a game last night where Aurra Sing ended up in melee with General Kenobi. Can she claim the +4 for Careful Shot when she is technically "in melee," or does the rule assume shooting at close range?

A: In the game, there is no such thing as "in melee." There are only "melee attacks," and those are produced only by characters with the Melee Attack special ability. (See the Attacks section of the FAQ for more details.) A character with Melee Attack can attack only an adjacent foe; however, the opposite is not true. A character without Melee Attack can attack an adjacent foe. Furthermore, a special ability that grants a bonus to Attack works against both adjacent and distant targets unless the special ability's rules specifically say otherwise. Therefore, Aurra Sing can indeed use Careful Shot against an adjacent target.

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