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I went to the wedding of my old friend Tom Bailey and Miss Helen Jones last week. I enjoyed it very much. It was a good wedding with lots to eat and drink and there were some bright people there. Tom is a lucky fellow. His wife is a very pretty girl, young and gay and interesting, and clever too. Oh yes, he is a lucky man. And it all happened because of a cat. It sounds funny, but it is true.

Helen lived in the next house to Tom, and Tom was soon head over heels in love with Helen. He used to look at her over the garden wall; he talked to her one day for a short time; he walked to the station with her once or twice; and one evening, one great evening in his life, he went to a Christmas party and danced with her.

Then one day he walked out into the garden and saw Helen on the other side of the wall. She looked very unhappy and worried. Tom said, “What is the matter?” And she pointed to the big tree in her garden.

Tom looked up there. He saw Helen’s cat high up in the tree. It couldn`t get down and looked as unhappy as Helen did. Tom went over the garden wall and climbed up the tree and carried the cat down safely.

Helen was so pleased to get her cat again that she put her arms round Tom`s neck and gave him a kiss. This pleased Tom very much. He wanted the cat climbed the tree every day. So that night he waited until it was dark and then he climbed up the tree.

He carried a hammer and nails and a fish in his hand. He knew that cats liked fish so he nailed the fish to the tree.

The end of the story is: every day Tom saved the cat and got kissed it. Soon Helen married him.


Exercise 1. Answer the following questions?

1. When did he go to the wedding of his friend?

2. What a wedding was it?

3. What kind of boy is Tom?

4. What is his wife?

5. Why did it happen ? …

6. Where did Helen live?

7. What did it happen with Tom soon?

8. What did he do at a Christmas party ?

9. What did Helen look like ?

10. What did Tom do in the garden?

11. What was Tom`s award?

12. What did he know about cats?

13. When did Helen marry him?


Òåñò ¹ 5 (âàðèàíò 1)

1. Find the right variant: The palace … to public in 1990.

A) was opened B) has been openedC) is opened D) open E) opened

2. Choose the right variant: __you ever ___ in a new Italian restaurant?

A) /Shall/ eatenB) Did/ eatenC) Have/eatenD) Are/ eatenE) Has/

3. Choose the right variant: She wasn’t late, ...?

A) was sheB) won’t sheC) doesn’t sheD) wasn’t sheE) didn’t she

4. Choose the right from of the verb: If my cat were sick, I ____ it to the vet.

A) takeB) takesC) taking D) would takeE) taken

5. Our friend Greta is _____. We see her when she isn’t making a movie in Hollywood.

A) an actressB) a doctorC) an engineerD) a reporterE) a teacher

6. Choose the right variant: Are you as ….. as your friend?

A) Most youngB) youngC) youngerD) youngest E) more younger

7. Choose the right variant:

William Shakespeare is the greatest … of all times.

A) statesman B) surgeon C) advocate D) playwright and poet E) painter

8. Fill in the gap with the verb in passive voice. The park gates ___________ at 6.30p.m every evening.

A) Was lockedB) Is lockedC) Are lockedD) LockE) Were locked

9. The girl couldn’t remember what happened … her after the accident.

A) WithB) ToC) InD) At

10. American people celebrate Independence Day on the … .

A) 4th of JulyB) 1st of AprilC) 31st of OctoberD) 8th of MarchE) 14th of February

11. Choose the right variant:

They bought many books. They’re ... books.

A) myB) theirC) hisD) herE) there

12. Choose the right variant: Who is … in your group?

A) TallB) The tallestC) More taller D) TallestE) Most tallest

13. Choose the correct word:

I am working ____ at my pronunciation.

A) fastB) silentlyC) goodD) wellE) hard

14. They’ll be back early … September.

A) InB) ForC) OnD) AtE) By

15. It`s still cold but it was colder yesterday. It ….

A) It is as cold today as it was yesterdayB) It was coldC) It`s cold today

D) It is always cold in the winterE) It isn`t as cold today as it was yesterday.

16. Find the right variant: You … go there today.

A) hasB) areC) needn’tD) haveE) been

17. Choose the best alternative. … you happy because you have a lot of money, or because you have many friends?

A) haveB) isC) wasD) amE) are

18. Please hurry up! I’ve been waiting … an hour.

A) since B) for C) aboutD) duringE) at

19. Fill in the gap with the correct answer:

Needless to say, hands ______ before and after eating.

A) must be washing B) must be washed C) must wash D) wash E) should wash

20. Your car … to Edinburgh next Monday.

A) would be drivenB) was drivenC) were drivenD) is being drivenE) will be driven

21. Find the right synonym: Humorous.

A) FreshB) TragedyC) SaltyD) FunnyE) Story

22. Give the plural to “goose”

A) geesesB) gooseC) goosesD) geeseE) gooss

23. Choose the right variant: At the time the teacher comes, students … the text.

A) translatingB) is translating C) translate D) am translating E) will have translated

24. Find the right variant: _____ three chairs in the room.

A) There wasB) There areC) It areD) There isE) It is

25. That restaurant … be very good. It’s always full of people.

A) will be able toB) needC) mustD) mustn’tE) can’t

26. Fill in the gap with the correct answer .

… drive on the left-hand side in their country.

A) Some BritishB) A BritishC) BritishD) The BritishE) This British

27. This car is … sale, if you`re interested in buying it.

A) InB) AboutC) ToD) ByE) For

28. Choose the right variant (Passive voice):

A) My friend takes me to the cinemaB) I’m taken to the cinema by my friend

C) I taken to the cinema by my friendD) I took to the cinema by my friend

E) I will take to the cinema

29. Fill in a suitable word: Washington, D.C. is on the Potomac River.

A) reconstructed B) represented C) situated D) established E) drown

30. Choose the best alternative. John … in politics.

A) isn’t interestingB) doesn’t interestedC) don’t interestD) isn’t interested

E) not interested


Òåñò 5 Âàðèàíò 2

1. Choose the correct answer. My father is 3 years … than my mother.

A) more oldB) oldestC) most oldD) olderE) old

2. I typed the letter___.

A) she B) heC) myself D) my E) you

3. Find the right antonym “Thick ”

A) LowB) CleanC) FreeD) ClearE) Thin

4. Find the correct answer: Look at … beautiful flowers!

A) theyB) thoseC) thatD) themE) this

5. Choose the right variant: She wasn’t late, ...?

A) didn’t she B) won’t she C) doesn’t sheD) wasn’t sheE) was she

6. Complete the sentence. I…… German at the school but I …it.

A) learned/didn’t speakB) learns/am forgotC) will learn/have forgottenD) learn/spoke

E) am learning/speaking

7. Choose the right variant:

They … hard now.

A) workingB) is working C) have worked D) workE) are working

8. Choose the correct answer: Judy goes to…on the bus.

A) an work B) the work C) a work D) some work E) work

9. Give the right answer: twenty+ twenty – five = ?

A) forty – three B) thirty – threeC) fifty – five D) forty – five E) thirty – five

10. Find the antonym: Day - …

A) YearB) MonthC) MiddayD) WeekE) Night

11. Choose the right pronoun: ... is here?

A) WhoB) IC) YouD) WeE) This

12. Choose the correct variant:

Nobody is making you do this. You _____ go to the party if you don’t want to.

A) are not able to B) can’t C) needn’t D) shouldn’tE) mustn’t

13. Has … happened? She looks upset.

A) something B) nothingC) anything D) someone E) somewhat

14. I’m sorry I couldn’t come yesterday. I _________ work late.

A) has toB) have toC) do have toD) had toE) to have

15. Choose the correct variant.

This is the story….. was written by Chekhov.

A) whatB) whenC) whoD) whomE) which

16. Choose the right variant: I have just … my sister`s sun – glasses.

A) brokenB) brokeC) doneD) breakE) ate

17. Fill in the gap with the correct answer:

Could you add this up for me? I’m not very quick … calculating.

A) upB) in C) on D) out E) at

18. Choose the best alternative. John … in politics.

A) isn’t interestingB) don’t interestC) doesn’t interestedD) not interested

E) isn’t interested

19. Choose the correct answer: ______ Mercedes cars _____ in Germany?

A) are / makeB) be / makeC) are / madeD) is / madeE) are / they making

20. Who is that man with Ann? I’m not sure. It ________ her brother.

A) isB) be mightC) might beD) is mightE) might is

21. When … school?

A) you did leaveB) left you C) did you leave D) you left E) did you left

22. Fill in a suitable word:

USA Congress consists of two parts and .

A) House of Commons, House of LordsB) the Senate, the House of Commons

C) House of Lords, the Senate D) the House of Representatives, House of Commons

E) the House of Representatives, the Senate

23. Choose the noun in a possessive case:

A) The children’sB) The children’ C) The childrenes D) The childs E) The childrens

24. Complete the question in passive voice:

How much money _______ last night?

A) has stolenB) is stolenC) did steal D) stealE) was stolen

25. Choose the noun in a possessive case: Everybody knows this _______ books.

A) Author’B) Author’sC) Authors’D) Authors’sE) Authors

26. Find the right variant: I … you for ages.

A) Haven’t seenB) SawC) Didn’t seeD) Had seedE) Has seen

27. The anthem of the USA is … .

A) AmericaB) The Star-Spangled BannerC) God save the Queen

D) America, The BeautifulE) In God we trust

28. There ….. few things in our bedroom now.

A) AreB) AmC) IsD) wasE) -

29. Choose the right variant: That isn’t my key. ... is here.

A) meB) myC) none of meD) me notE) mine

30. Choose the right pronoun:

That girl has a blue sweater.is a good girl.

A) sheB) theyC) ID) youE) her

Òåñò 5 Âàðèàíò 3

1. I think he needs somebody to talk … .

A) OnB) AtC) InD) ToE) Over

2. Find the right variant: Nick wants the money. Please give ... to him.

A) ItB) TheseC) ThemD) ThereE) Those

3. He was … than Nick.

A) The most shortB) More shortC) ShortestD) ShorterE) Short

4. Choose the right variant: Is ... your sister over there?

A) thisB) theseC) thatD) themE) those

5. Complete the sentence: Jane _____ me for two weeks.

A) have phonedB) is phoningC) will be phoningD) haven’t phonedE) hasn’t phoned

6. Fill in a suitable word: He has been looking for a teaching _______ for a year, and he has been turned down by every school so far.

A) coursesB) bachelorshipC) course D) bachelorE) degree

7. It`s still cold but it was colder yesterday. It ….

A) It isn`t as cold today as it was yesterday B) It`s cold todayC) It is always cold in the winterD) It is as cold today as it was yesterdayE) It was cold

8. What is the capital of Australia?

A) DarwinB) CanberraC) MelbourneD) NewcastleE) Sydney

9. Choose the right answer: This is … match.

A) aB) someC) areD) -E) an

10. Choose the correct word: Professional degrees such as Bachelor of law take additional three years of … .

A) paymentB) studyC) reading booksD) holidayE) vacation

11. What ocean separates Europe from the states?

A) the Northern OceanB) the Arctic OceanC) the Indian OceanD) the Atlantic Ocean

E) the Pacific Ocean

12. Choose the right answer in a possessive case: Roza Rymbaeva is our _____ best singer.

A) Country’sB) Countrys’C) CountryD) CountriesE) Countrys

13. Put the right verb in the passive voice:The situation is serious. Something must ________ before it’s too late.

A) do B) will be doneC) doneD) does E) be done

14. Find the right variant: … photos on the table are mine.

A) the mineB) it C) hers D) those E) myself

15. InEngland when speaking about the weather you should …

A) agree with the person you are speaking to B) disagree with the person you are speaking to

C) hesitate for a long time before you answerD) contradict a person

E) hesitate for a short time before you answer

16. Choose the correct answer:

Larry is a friendly person. He meets new people ____ he goes.

A) Whatever B) WhoseverC) Wherever D) WheneverE) Whoåver

17. Choose the right answer in a possessive case:

The ____hats.

A) Men`sB) MenC) MensD) MansE) Menes

18. Sam had to take his exam one more time , … ?

A) had heB) hadn`t heC) did heD) didn`t heE) hadn`t them

19. Choose the correct word:

Easter is connected in people`s minds with _________________.

A) SummerB) WinterC) SpringD) autumnE) Fall

20. Choose the correct word: There are five economic___ in Kazakhstan: Western, Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern.

A) states B) regions C) federationsD) countriesE) cities

21. Complete the space with the right verb in the passive voice: There’s no need to leave a tip. Service in the bill.

A) was includedB) doesn’t include C) include D) includes E) is included

22. There’s … forest at the end of the road.

A) aB) anyC) anD) theE) -

23. Find the right variant: This house … built in 1946.

A) areB) isC) wereD) hasE) was

24. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in … .

A) SeptemberB) NovemberC) OctoberD) FebruaryE) December

25. As soon as I got to the airport, I was checked … .

A) OffB) OnC) InD) OfE) Out

26. Choose the right variant: In the old days, bottles … by hand.

A) were making B) is madeC) are make D) were made E) are made

27. I have two boys, but ____ of them likes pop music.

A) noneB) bothC) someD) eitherE) all

28. Choose the best alternative :

Please … careful when you cross this road.

A) hasB) IsC) BeD) areE) Do

29. Choose the correct answer: There’s a library … the supermarket and the school.

A) between B) in front of C) next to D) nearE) at

30. Choose the correct answer. My father is 3 years … than my mother.

A) oldB) oldestC) most oldD) more oldE) older


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