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Choose the appropriate tense-form.


1. A. - What have you done/have you been doing with my knife? Where is it?

B. - I've put it back in your drawer.

A. - (taking it out) What have you done/have you been doing with it? The blade's all twisted! Have you been using/have you used it to open tins?

2. A. - Do you see those people on that little sandy island? They have been waving/have waved their handkerchiefs for the last half-hour. I wonder why.

B. - They need help. The tide is coming in and very soon that island will be under water. Have you sat/have you been sitting calmly without doing anything to help them?

A. - I have never been/have never been being here before I haven't been hearing/haven't heard about the tides here.

3. What's up? What are you looking for/have you been looking for? Have you lost/have you been losing something?

4. A. - Are you still painting/have you been still painting your country house?

B. - Yes. I'm painting/I've been painting it for several days already. I think it'll look beautiful when it's finished.

2. Open the brackets using the Present Perfect/ Present Perfect Continuous / Present Simple/ Present Continuous tense-forms.

1. How long he (live) in Manchester? - All his life. He was born there.

2. Mr. Woods (not/feel) well for over a month.

3. Look. Can you see Simon over there? - He (sit) in the corner. - Yes. He (wait) for Jack. He (sit) here since two o'clock.

4. They (be) in London now. They (live) there for the last six months.

5. I (learn) Spanish since last year.

6. How many driving lessons you (have) lately?

7. They (repair) the road all this week, but they (not/finish) it yet.

8. Where you (be)!1 (wait) for you for over an hour.

9. I (type) this report since yesterday and I'm only halfway through.

10. Your mum is still in the kitchen. She (cook) all the morning. - Yes. We (expect) guests tonight.

11. You are out of breath. You (run)!

12. It (rain) since yesterday evening. I wonder when it'll stop.

13. I (die) of thirst. Is there a water-fountain near here?

14. My daughter (study) English at London University. She (be) there for two years already.

15. Don't rush me. I (work) as fast as I can.

16. I (read) some of your poetry. It's not bad.

17. Sorry about the mess. I (paint) the house. I already (paint) the front.

18. You won't believe it, but I (wait) two months for my phone to be repaired.

19. Oh look, the sky (get) darker and darker. I think it's going to rain.

20. You look tired. - Yes, I (work) non-stop all day.

21 Since when he (learn) Chinese? - Since he got to uni­versity.

22. We (build) this garage ourselves and hope to finish it within the next two months.

23. We (not/finish) cleaning the machines yet. We need some more time to do it.

24. You look tired. I think you (work) hard lately and you (not/get) enough fresh air and exercise.

25. It's the most beautiful house I ever (see).

26. Oh, you (have) a shave! You look strange without a beard.

27. I (borrow) books from this library since we moved here.

28. It (rain) steadily for three days on end now.

29. I (not/see) you for ages. What you (do)!

30. She (be) on the phone for half an hour now. Who she (talk) to?

31. He (collect) stamps ever since he was a small boy.

32. He never (believe) in the importance of women's education.

33. I (study) hard of late. I've got exams next week.

34. It (get) harder and harder to find time.

35. Jimmy always (have) cold and chest problems.

36. You're very late. - I (talk) to Henry and he just goes on and on.

37. It is the first time he (clean) his own boots.

38. Why are my books all over the floor? - Helen (look) at them.

39. Older people (become) more isolated now.

40. I know that since January he (be) in charge of the marketing division.

41. Katia says she (be) very tired recently. She (work) almost sixty hours a week for the past month.

42. My daughter-in-law (try) to find a job since she graduated from university.

43. How long you (be) a hairdresser?

44. The police (investigate) the break-in at the college since last September.

45. She always (be) obsessed by her appearance.

46. They are so scruffy because they (camp) all week.

47. I'm fed up. I (wait) for the bus since three o'clock.

48. Carol already (make) ten phone calls and it's only nine o'clock.

49. She's obviously very unhappy. She (sit) alone in her bedroom for most of the day.

50. Paul and Jean (go out) together for about a year now. 51.1 can smell something nice. What you (cook)!

52. He always (argue) or (fight).

53. I'm afraid my nails are a bit dirty. I (work) in the garden.

54. I'm afraid I (break) one of your glasses.

55. You look exhausted. What you (do)!

56. Since I last stayed at this hotel, they (put) their prices up.

57. The police (arrest) the man who is suspected of com­mitting the murder.

58. Since I (broke) my leg I (depend) on my daughter to see to the shopping and housework.

59. He (apply) for jobs without success for months now.

60. The hall (hold) 300 people on some occasions, though you'd hardly believe it.

61. Sorry about the mess! The workmen (install) a new boiler in the bathroom all morning.

62. The success of the agricultural show (depend) very much on the weather in recent years.

63. Up to now the discount (apply) only to children under 10. From next month we (plan) to extend it to children under 16.

64. Food prices (rise) so rapidly in the past few months that some families have been forced to alter their eating habits.

65. Although Max (cook) for many years, he still doesn't know how to prepare French foods in the traditional mariner.

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