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When people speak of Australia they can mean three things: 1) Australia as a continent; 2) Australia as an island and 3) Australia as an independent country. Australia is the worlds largest island and its smallest continent. Sometimes Australia is called "the upside down world". n u guess why? Because Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere, where winter comes in July and summer begins in December.

During the Christmas holidays people often sunbathe n the beah or swim and surf in the n.

Australia is the hottest place in the Southern Hemisphere.

In July usual temperature is from 12 to 20. In January the temperature is from 20 to 30 bv zero or higher.

Most parts of Australia do not receive enough rain. Only ne sixth of the continent - belt of land along the north, east, nd south coasts - is comfortably humid. This narrow belt of land is the place where summers r warm and sunny and winters r mild.

Australia is a land of striking differences. In the centre of the continent more than 50% of the land is desert. There are three deserts there The Great Sandy Desert, The Great Victoria Desert and The Gibson Desert. Most of the dry land is uninhabited, which explains Australia's small population - about 18 million people (compare: the UK population is about 58 million people).

It is interesting to notice that though most of the territory is too dry or too hot Australia has n extraordinary collection f birds and animals. n of them r found only there. Early explorers were so surprised b the mu and the kangaroo that they described the continent as the land where birds "ran instead f flying and animals hopped instead of running".

Australia is the home of two of the world's most primitive mammals - the duckbill and the anteater. They r the only mmmls that lay eggs. The kangaroo is perhaps the best known of Australia's animals. There r mr than 40 different kinds of kangaroos in Australia, in mn different colours and sizes. The big red kangaroo and the grey kangaroo m b s tall s grown-up mn. Some kangaroos r about the size of large dog. The smallest kangaroo is the rat kangaroo. Another well-known Australia's animal is the koala that resembles teddy-bear. It spends most of its life in eucalyptus trees and eats nl the leaves of those trees. The mu, Australia's largest bird is also n of the largest in the world. It cannot fl but is good runner.

Two animals were brought to the country b the Europeans and have bm wild in Australia. These r the buffalo, brought from India, and the European rabbit. Buffaloes were brought to the north coast as work animals early in the 19th century. They escaped and multiplied and now inhabit the swampy river valleys around Darwin. Each year hunters shoot thousands of them.

Rabbits were brought mr than 100 years ago. There r now so mn of them in Australia that sheep farmers have constant wars against the rabbits because they destroy much grass.

No matter how far from Europe Australia is, mn people who r fond of travelling would like to visit this land becaus it is such n extraordinary place to explore!


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