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Engineering Courses at Brown University

All courses are taught at Brown University and can be studied either full-time or part-time. The minimum qualification for a place on a Level 2 course is four GCSEs or a Level 1 Certificate.

Level 1 Certificate in Engineering: This course teaches key skills. It is suitable for students who left school early or have no qualifications. Selection will be based on the applicants work experience and an interview.

Level 2 Certificate in Communication Systems: This course prepares students for jobs in radio and electronic communications.

Level 2 Certificate in Welding: This course prepares students for jobs in welding, metal work, and general engineering.

Level 2 Certificate in Computer Aided Visualization and Design:

This course prepares students for a wide range of jobs including engineering design, CAD and CAM.

For more information please visit our website or return this form to the departmental secretary. Name ____________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________ Telephone/e-mail _____________________________________________________ Date of birth ________________________________________________________ Please send me details of: LEVEL 1 Certificate in Engineering __ LEVEL 2 Certificate in Communication Systems ____ LEVEL 2 Certificate in Fabrication ___ LEVEL 2 Certificate in Computer Aided Visualization and Design ___ I am interested in full-time study ___ part-time study ___

2. Match the italicized words from the text with their translations.

an applicant an interview to prepare welding range selection ,

3. Read Text C again and match the following people with a suitable course. One person isnt suitable for any of the courses.

Brandon finished Level 1 last year. He wants to work as a welder on oil rigs.

Judy got her exam results last week. She passed Maths, Design and Technology, English and History. She wants to work in design.

Teresa works in her fathers garage. She hasnt passed any exams but she is good at mending cars and wants to return to studying.

Bob left school in 2000 with no exam passes. Since then he has worked in a jeans shop and a hamburger café.

Brian has five GCSEs and wants to work as a telephone engineer.

Work in pairs. Discuss with your partner the following questions. Then present your ideas to the rest of the class.

1) Which subjects do you study? What are the core subjects in your curriculum?

2) Are there any subjects you would like to drop? Why?

3) Is your course practical or theoretical? Do you like the way it is organized?

4) What would you do to improve your course?

5) How are you assessed? Do you think this system of assessment is fair?

5. Use the Internet to find information about college or university courses in engineering. Which courses appeal to you? Why? Can you apply for any of these courses?



Section I. Lets speak about

A. Jobs

Work in pairs. Ask each other the following questions. Compare your answers.

1) Have you ever had a job?

2) Have you ever had a part-time job?

3) Would you like to get a good salary?

4) Would you like to work in a foreign country?

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