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I. Supply the articles where necessary.

1. Logotons goods are of high quality.

2. quality of Logotons goods meets requirements of their customers.

3. We are interested in buying machines from British companies.

4. machines of GML are of high quality.

5. Weve received enquiry for three machines lately.

6. Whats weather like today? - weather is cold.

7. I dont like to go out in wet weather.

II. Supply the correct tenses.

B:Hello! (to be) that Steal & Co? Id like to speak to Mr. Steal.

S:Yes, Steal (to speak).

B:Good morning, Mr. Steal. This (to speak) Borisov of GML. Id like to discuss some business matters with you.

S:Yes, Mr. Borisov. I (to listen) to you.

B:We just (to receive) your latest catalogues. Our engineers (to study) them. We (to be interested) in buying some of your new machines.

S:What model you (to be interested) in?

B:Model B5 (to meet) our requirements.

S:Yes, this model (to be) of high quality. Weve just (to start) producing it and we already (to receive) a lot of orders for machines of this model. How many machines would you like to buy?

B:I (to think) 15 or 20, Mr. Steal, and wed like to have them in December.

S:Lets meetand discuss all matters on Tuesday.

B:All right, Mr. Steal.

III. Supply the correct prepositions where necessary.

A plant Minsk has started producing new machines Model 25. The machines are high quality and meet the requirements the customers Logoton.

Many foreign companies are interested buying this model and Logoton has already received a lot orders it.

This week Logoton has received an enquiry these machines GML.

They would like to buy 15 machines the Byelorussian company. Logoton is interested selling their machines GML and would like to invite their manager to come Minsk to have talks.

IV. Supply the correct word.

Few / a few

1. The engineers have discussed () business matters.

2. Ive got () English books.

3. There are () plants in Pinsk.

4. The manager has written () letters to GML lately.

5. The boy has read () books this month.

V. Whose boss is the best (the worst)?


I really like my boss. She is a lovely person, very easy to work for, very fair. She always asks what I think before she changes anything. If there is a problem, we solve it together. She never gets angry. I trust her, and she trusts me. Its a pleasure to work for her, thats why I would rather choose an organization of individual cultures.


I get on all right with my boss. He doesnt worry about some details of our work. He is pretty fair, and he gives me a lot of freedom. I like that. But it makes me a bit angry when he gives me more work than I can do. I dont think he understands that some parts of my job are very difficult. But on the whole, I dont think we get on too badly. And of course Id rather prefer an organization of role cultures.


I dont like my job, because I cant stand my boss. He is a difficult person to talk with. And moreover he cant listen. And he is not fair: he can make mistakes, and its all right; but when I make some, he gets angry. It really makes me angry when he changes his mind about the problem again and again. I cant leave the job right now, but I am really fed up. I dont know what Id choose, but I know well enough what I do.


Unit 9

The Present Perfect / Past Simple Tenses

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