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My future profession


At school I was good at many subjects but my favourite ones were Physics and Mathematics. That's why I made up my mind to become an engineer and enter the Belarusian National Technical University.

Now I'm a student of Instrumentation Faculty. Our faculty trains specialists in different fields such as Sports Engineering, Management, Economics and Organization of Production, Mechanical and Electromechanical Devices and Apparatus and others. In my opinion, engineers belong to the greatest profession in the world, responsible for almost everything that makes life worth living - from leisure activities to medical treatment, from mobile communications to modern transport systems. Within the wide boundaries of the engineering profession, there are thousands of challenging activities, in areas such as research, development, design, manufacture and operation of products and services.

Demand for good engineers is high, in practically every country in the world. There are world shortages of skilled engineers, and unemployment amongst professional engineers is lower than for almost any other profession.

Engineering degrees can lead to a vast number of career opportunities, with graduates in demand in almost every sector of the economy. Electrical, civil, marine, chemical, software, systems, information and manufacturing engineering offer a host of alternative job opportunities for new graduates. Specializations range from Automation to Power Generation and from Communications to Manufacturing. Within each of these fields, there are opportunities in research, design, development and tests, as well as management, production, marketing and sales. A degree can also provide a passport into the world of education.

The environment in which engineering professionals work has never been more dynamic. New materials, technologies and processes are being developed all the time. Increasing globalization, new markets, and changing employment patterns also mean that an engineering career is now a truly international one.

So the profession of an engineer is really exciting as you always create something new that will make our life and work better. And what I personally like about it is that you can use your mind to find creative solutions to the challenges facing engineering now.

In my opinion, this profession is very challenging. It brings you a lot of benefits but you always have to know the latest achievements in engineering. For example, I chose the speciality of Technology of Materials and Components of Electronic Devices and to be a good specialist I always read the most updated journals about advances in power engineering. They are improving all the time!

I hope that my personal qualities combined with the knowledge would be quite enough to succeed in my work. I believe that after graduating from University I will become a well-educated person, useful for the progress of the society I live in.



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