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The social – cultural game


Possible answers:

I'm sorry. Could you tell me your name again?
I'm very sorry I'm late. The traffic was terrible.
Excuse me a moment. I've just seen somebody I need to speak to.
No, thank you very much. I'm afraid I don't eat…
Yes, of course. I'll get you an ashtray.
Excuse me, this is rather higher than I was expecting. Would you mind checking it for me?
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with some of these dishes. I wonder if you could explain them to me?
I'm afraid I don't drink alcohol, but thank you anyway.
Well, I'm not very keen on fish, but I eat most other things.
I'd love to but I'm afraid I have a prior engagement.
Haven't we met somewhere before?
I'm terribly sorry. You must let me pay for your dress to be cleaned.
There are lots of nice souvenirs to buy from here. What sort of things do you like?
There's a lot to choose from. What do you like doing?
It's Cotton. That's C - O - T - T - O -N.
It's oh-three-five-nine, double five-eight-six.
What a beautiful/horrible day!
Well, I'm quite tall/short with long/short straight/curly dark/fair hair. I'll be wearing black trousers and a cream coat and I'll be carrying a copy of Market Leader.
My room's very noisy and the heating doesn't work. Would it be possible to change rooms?
Go out of the building and turn left. Go straight as far as the traffic lights, then turn right and first left and the station is on the right-hand side.
I can really recommend The Lucky Dip. They do excellent food there.
Hello. My name's Brian.
Simon, this is Herr Hoffmann. Herr Hoffman, this is my boss, Simon Hope.
Anne, this is Clark, my friend from university. Clark, this is Anne who lives next door.
Good morning. My name is John Smith. I have an appointment with the bank manager.
I need to contact my boss. Would it be possible to use your phone?
How are you finding the conference?
Can I take your suitcase?



UNIT 14 Leadership

Vocabulary: Describing character

A – B


decisive (indecisive), charismatic (uncharismatic),motivating (demotivating), adventurous (unadventurous), open (closed), informal (formal), passionate (dispassionate), flexible (inflexible), energetic (lethargic), straight (crooked), accessible (inaccessible), moderate (immoderate), balanced (unbalanced), careful (careless), thoughtful (thoughtless)


ruthless (gentle), uncaring (caring), impulsive (cautious), lunatic (sane), aggressive (unaggressive)

C – D

According to Jack Welch a leader should be passionate, driven, energetic, motivating, open, informal, straight, accessible and on the lunatic fringe. A leader shouldn't be a moderate, balanced, thoughtful, careful articulator of policy.

Listening: Running a large company

A – B 14.1

1 courage, imagination, empathy

2 Leaders who have great business ideas and see them through to fruition.

3 They create business ideas and they see them through.

4 By making sure the company has a clear purpose, and by communicating everything that's going on to the employees.

5 Probably a bit of both, but mostly they're made.

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