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Listening: Recruitment interviewing

Part 1

A 5.1

1 d) preparation

2 He left his CV behind.

B 5.1

Find out about the job: ring up the Press Officer or the Marketing Department; get the latest press release/annual report.

At the interview: compliment the interviewer on a recent success; show that you've taken an interest in the company; show enthusiasm for the job.

Visit the company: talk to the receptionists; get hold of the company newspaper; pick up company literature on the products you'll be involved with; find out what the dress code is.

CV: easy to read; well-written; be concise - don't ramble.

Part 2

C 5.2

1 What does the candidate like most about his present job?

What does he like least?

What are his weaknesses?

What are his strengths? (Does he fit in?)

2 likes: traveling; meeting new people

dislikes: working weekends


1 press officer

2 marketing department

3 press release

4 annual report

5 company newspaper

6 dress code

Discussion: Personal appearance at work


1 lorry drivers

2 Because they did not observe the company's dress code.

3 Yoshiaki Nishiura apologized; John Humphries accepted the change.

4 Yoshiaki Nishiura, for unfair dismissal.


C growing number

human rights

company discipline

professional appearance

good impression

unfair dismissal

D 1 good impression

2 unfair dismissal

3 growing number

4 company discipline

5 professional appearance

6 human rights

Language review: Questions

1 c) 2 a) 3 d) 4 b)


Who sacked Mr. Nishiura?

What did Mr. Nishiura do?

What did Mr. Yamago do?

Who dyed his hair brown?

Why did Mr. Yamago sack Mr. Nishiura?

B - C

B 1 a) 2 b) 3 a)

C 1 (Could you tell me) your age/how old you are/ what age you are/what your age is?

2 (Could you tell me) how much you currently earn/what your current salary is?

3 (Could you tell me) about your reasons for leaving your last job/why you left your last job?

4 (Could you tell me) about your weaknesses/what your weaknesses are?


Skills: Managing meetings:

A 5.3

Right, can we start please?

How do you feel about…?

Could you let her finish, please?

I'm not sure that's relevant.

I think we should move on now.

I think we should discuss this a bit more

OK, let's go over what we've agreed.


UNIT 6 Trade

Starting up


While countries like Russia and Brazil are relatively rich in natural resources, their per capita GDP is low in comparison to the USA, Germany, or the UK. Japan and Singapore on the other hand, which are poor in natural resources, have a high per capita GDP. (Allow some flexibility with the answers.)

Vocabulary: Free trade

in favour of free trade open borders laisser-faire deregulation free port liberalise against free trade barriers dumping protectionism quotas tariffs strategic industries subsidise infant industries restrictions customs



C 1 e) 2 d) 3 f) 4 b) 5 g) 6 c) 7 a)


D to break into a market (exporter)

to carry out a market survey (exporter or importer)

to place an order (importer)

to meet a delivery date (exporter)

to quote a price (exporter)

to arrange insurance cover (exporter or importer)

to comply with regulations (exporter or importer)

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