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Vocabulary: Brand management

Listening: For and against globalization


1 c) 2 a) 3 e) 4 b) 5 d)

B 1.1

1. Stephen Haseler is generally against globalization. He thinks that the advantages are Ďoutweighed by a large number of disadvantagesí.

2. Advantages: Globalization increases competition among companies.

Disadvantages: Globalization could lead to big employment problems in the West; Globalization prevents governments from controlling their welfare systems.


1 rule the roost

2 give-and-take

3 gather pace

Reading 1: Going global


1 Boeing is a US company which manufactures aeroplanes for civil aviation.

2 Seattle

3 In-plant means in Seattle.

Out-plant means everywhere else.


1 true

2 true

3 true

4 false

5 false

Vocabulary: Entering new markets


1 d) 2 f) 3 g) 4 b) 5 c) 6 e) 7 a)


1 joint venture

2 acquisition

3 local partner

4 licensing (or) franchising

Language review: Comparing


1 Prague has become central Europeís most glamorous city.

2 The tallest office towers in the world are in Kuala Lumpur.

3 Cleveland is now one of the cleanest cities in North America.

4 In Buenos Aires foreign bankers are as common as coffee house poets.

5 The London Underground is worse than the Tokyo Underground system.

6 Ireland is not as large as Sweden.

7 The London Stock Exchange is much older than the Singapore Exchange.

8 Their prices are very high in comparison to (or compared to) ours.

B 1.2

1 the most expensive

2 weaker

3 weaker

4 higher

5 the highest

6 more comfortable

7 the most expensive

8 stronger

9 more expensive

10 cheaper

11 most expensive

12 cheaper

13 dearer

14 the most exciting

15 cleaner

16 safer

17 most expensive


1 different

2 as

3 less

4 same

5 not

6 compared

7 much

8 rather

9 just

10 similar

Reading 2: Phone rage


Some possible factors:

You canít see the other personís face Ė expressions, lip movements. You canít use or see gestures. Sound quality is often bad. You canít use visuals-illustrations, graphs or written materials. You canít write things down- e.g. hard-to-spell names and addresses.


1 Being kept waiting, being connected to voice mail, being passed on to someone else, talking to someone who sounds inattentive, unconcerned or insincere.

2 People are more likely to express anger over the phone, rather than in writing or face to face; telephone usage has risen steeply over recent years; peopleís expectations have risen.

3 Yes-but not enough.

4 Working outside company premises, e.g. at home or on client premises.

Skills: Managing telephone calls

A 1.3

1 bored

2 impatient

3 unhelpful

4 inefficient

5 aggressive


/ ei / / i: / / e / /aI/ /əu/ /u:/ /a:/
H C L Y   U  
J D M     W  
K E N        
  G S        
  P X        
  T Z(BrE)        



Possible answer:

Netsat. Good morning. How can I help you?

Good morning. Could I speak to Donna Weston, please?

One moment, pleaseÖ Iím afraid sheís not available at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?

Yes, please. This is Eva Wartanowicz. Could you ask her to phone me back later this afternoon?

Yes, certainly. Could you just spell your name for me?

Yes, its W-A-R-T-A-N-O-W-I-C-Z.

Could I just read that back to you ĖW-A-R-T-A-N-O-W-I-C-Z?

Thatís correct.

And can I take your number, Ms Wartanowicz?

Yes, itís 01863 483 2189.

Thatís fine. Iíll make sure Donna gets your message.

Thank you very much.



UNIT 2 Brands

Starting up


a) advantages for the manufacturer:

having a product which is instantly recognizable (and thus more likely to be bought); being able to associate specific qualities with the brand (e.g. value for money, safety, prestige); the possibility of launching related products under the same (established) brand; greater customer loyalty

b) advantages for the consumer:

a reliable product Ė you know what youíre getting for your money; high prestige brands give you an opportunity to enhance your standing


Vocabulary: Brand management


1 luxury brand

2 brand manager

3 brand leader

4 classic brand

5 brand image

6 brand loyalty

7 brand stretching

8 brand awareness


1 classic brand 3 brand image

2 brand awareness 4 luxury brand

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