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Task 9. Complete the following text choosing from the words in the square.

Task 7. Look at the chart below and then complete the description that refers to each court.


Court of Justice of the European Communities


House of Lords


Court of Appeal, Criminal Division Court of Appeal,


Civil Division


Crown court High Court


Magistrates Court County Court

1. Claims of lesser value will start in a County Court . There are 250 of these around the country. They can also deal with divorce and bankruptcy matters.

2. Matters of important legal dispute arising in the Crown Court may be appealed to the_______________________ …… .

3. From the Court of Appeal, there can be an appeal to the …… on fact or law, but usually appeal is only allowed on matters of legal importance.

4. If the case involves a serious crime, it is heard in the …… (there is only one, but it has

about 70 centres around the jurisdiction).

5. In less serious criminal cases (which comprise over 90% of criminal cases), the case is sent for trial in one of over 400 …… .

6. More substantial civil claims (over around £25,000) are heard in the …… .

7. The …… was set up under the Treaty of Rome of 1957, by which the European Community was established. The court can overrule all other courts on matters of Community law.

8. Under the system of appeals in civil cases, it is possible to appeal
from a County Court or the High Court to the_____________ .


The judges in the House of Lords are known as Law Lords. They typically sit as a committee to develop and define the law of the land.

Task 8. Below are 10 people (or groups of people) who work in the different courts. Can you find them in the word square below?

Task 9. Complete the following text choosing from the words in the square.

The judiciary are perhaps the most prominent amongst those involved in running the court. The largest group of …… are ……. , ordinary citizens who are not legal professionals but are appointed to ensure that the local community is involved in the running of the legal system. They sit as a group of three (as a ' …… '). Magistrates sit with a legally qualified …… , who can advise on points of law. A case is presented by the …… , who takes over the case from the police who have already charged the defendant (or accused) with specified crimes.

In the upper courts, the judges are almost all former
…… . But many cases are also heard by …… - part-time barristers from private practice. The Crown Court …… consists of 12 persons, aged 18 to 70.



The juryin an English court is made up of 12 people. Their function is to decide on points of fact, in other words, whether the accusedcommitted the crime with which s/he is charged; the role of the judgeis to advise the jury on points of law.


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