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Exercise 2. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form. Be ready to explain the use of verb forms.

Home Assignment 2

Topic: Verb and its grammatical categories.

Exercise 1. Dwell upon the categorial features of the underlined verbs in the following sentences (state what categorial meanings they express). Find several cases of categorial reductions.

1) To those who know the value of a Stradivarius, it will be obvious that I was being less than candid about the matter.

2) ”I think, Mr.Holmes, it’s time that we were leaving for Euston.” “In a quarter of an hour we shall be at your service.”

3) “Mr Holmes! How many times have I said that I won’t tolerate your indoor shooting?”

4) I shall be gratefull if you will replace this needle. It is getting rather blunt.

5) She wondered if any Warrenders lived here still. They’d left off

being burried here apparently.

6) Yes it was old Mrs. Carraway. She is always swallowing things.

7) Will you be wanting some sandwiches?

8) I seem to feel that what you’ve been saying from the beginning is that a human being doesn’t live but is lived.

9) It will be the death of her when she hears it.

10) I don’t know what’s been the matter with me. I’ve been so miserable.

11) She would go on discussing a book she had read but manifestly hadn’t or she would break up a dull conversation with some fantastic irrelevance for which everyone was secretly grateful.

12) I kept walking around the room

13) The rain has stopped. Come on. I want to have a talk with you.

14) It’s the most repulsive idea I’ve ever thought of.

15) I’ve been sent for urgently to get at the truth.

17) The gate was opened by one of the maids.

18) Your feelings do you honour. You are young; may you never outlive your feelings!

19) He insisted that the boy remain in bed.

20) It would be worse than before if I should lose you now.

21) Andrews turned up the collar of his coat lest he should be recognised.


Exercise 2. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form. Be ready to explain the use of verb forms.


People always (1)____ (tell) me that I am an adaptable person. However, when I (2)_____( come) to the United States to study, I (3)____(found out) that I am not as adaptable as I seem. I already (4)____(study) six years of English before I left my country, Indonesia. I (5)__(study) conversational English with an American teacher for about a year before I left. So I really didn't expect to have any problems communicating with Americans. I thought to myself, "I will just go to my classes and learn everything I can. Then by the time the TOEFL test (6) _____(arrive), I (7)_____(learn) everything I need to get 550 on the TOEFL I'll enter the local university for my M.B.A."

Well, I really wasn't ready for my first months here. At the first orientation meeting at the English school, I (8)____(talk) to so fast that all I did was smile and nod. I still don't know what they said to me! I had more surprises — my accent (9) ___(can understand), I (10)____(not like) the American food at the cafeteria, the pace in the city was too fast. But the biggest surprise was my progress in English. I (11)____(not admit) to that university right away.

I still (12)_____(study) English. In fact, I (13)____(study) for two semesters now. If all (14)_____(go) as it (15 ) ___ (plan), I'll be entering the M.B.A. program next semester. I (16)____(live) in the United States for an entire year by then. I am able to understand just about everything, and most people (17)_____(understand) me. But guess what? I'm still not used to American food!


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