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Present Simple or Future Simple

1. If he still (to have) a cold and (not to feel) better, he (not to go) to the theatre.

2. He (to ring) me up when he (to return) home.

3. Where they (to go) if the weather (to be) fine?

4. If we (to be) tired, we (to stop) in a small village halfway to the town and (to have) a short rest and a meal there.

5. If she (not to work) properly, her boss (to fire) her.

6. I am sure he (to come) to say goodbye to us before he (to leave) for the USA.

7. Before he (to start) to London, he (to spend) a week or two at a health resort not far from here.

8. If you (to decide) about your diet, you (to eat) wedding cake tomorrow.

9. What he (to do) when he (to come) home in the evening?

10. If we (to put) in cameras, they (to stop) people stealing things.


Choose the correct variant

1. you finish any educational establishment next year? No, I only finish school in 2 years.
a) will/will
b) are/ wont
c) will not/ do
d) will/ am

2. My cousins on us in two-three months. Lets buy some gifts for them.
a) will be calling
b) will have called
c) will call
d) call

3. I give you to hold my puppy in your arms tomorrow because its afraid of other people, especially strangers.
a) not
b) will
c) wont
d) will be

4. I hope he all the quarrels we have had for the last five years.
a) will forget
b) is forgetting
c) wont forget
d) will forgotten

5. Do you have a credit card? If no, we can give it to you for free No, I cash.
a) will be paying
b) will have paid
c) am paying
d) will pay

6. We expect he soon, otherwise well be frozen. Then Im sure we cold.
a) will come/ will catch
b) would be/would catch
c) will come/would
d) comes/ catch

7. Next week my parents from a long distance () voyage.
a) will be returned
b) would return
c) will return
d) will have returned

8. In ten days he healthy as usual if he sticks to the doctors rules and recommendations.
a) wont
b) will
c) will have
d) will be

9. In several days she a diploma and afterwards she job-hunting.
a) Would get/would start
b) will have got/ will start
c) will get/will start
d) will be getting/starts

10. What they the day after tomorrow if they have no money.
a) will/bought
b) will/be buying
c) would/buy
d) will/buy


Choose Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1. I ________ - I didn't hear you come in.

a) was sleeping b) slept

2. I ________ to see her twice, but she wasn't home.

a) was coming b) came

3. What ________? I was watching TV.

a) did you do b) were you doing

4. Robin Hood was a character who ________ from the rich and gave

to the poor.

a) stole b) was stealing

5. Hey, did you talk to her? Yes, I ________ to her

a) was talking b) talked

6. I ________ home very late last night.

a) came b) was coming

7. How long ________ the flu?

a) did you have b) were you having

8. ________ a good time in Brazil? Yes, I had a great time!

a) Were you having b) Did you have

9. We ________ breakfast when she walked into the room.

a) had b) were having

10. Last month I decided to buy a new car, and today I finally

________ it.

a) bought b) was buying


Correct the mistakes in the sentences

1. James met Sabine in 1998. He living in New York at the time.

2. I wanted to work in marketing. So I was joining a marketing company.

3. I were listening to the radio when you called.

4. I saw Jess a minute ago. She talked to Sam.

5. Why werent you answer the phone when I called?



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