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Match a word in A with a word in B to make a new noun. Then fill in the gaps in the sentences below the table with a compound noun from the table.


  ( A) Town ( B) Railway ( C) Traffic ( D) Book ( E) Bus ( F) Free ( G) Department ( H) Car I) Travel ( J) Ticket ( K) Rush ( L) Air     ( ) Park ( ) Way ( ) Agentís ( ) Center ( ) Office ( ) Station ( ) Port ( ) Stop ( ) Store ( ) Shop ( ) Light ( ) Hour

(A) Stop the car! The __________________ is red!

(B) When you arrived in Brazil, which ________________ did you fly into?

(C) In a _____________________ you can buy almost anything you desire.

(D) We waited in the rain at the _________________for an hour before the bus arrived.

(E) All big towns have a ___________________ in the morning and evening.

(F) Getaway is the best ___________________ in the town. They have good cheap holidays.

(G) I hate driving on the__________________ when it is full of traffic.

(H) The __________________ was very big. There were trains arriving and departing all the time. I bought a ticket at the ______________ and found the Platform my train was due to depart from.

(I) No I didnít borrow this book from the library. I bought it at a _________________.


Making Suggestions

We make suggestions when deciding what to do with our friends, or giving them advice on what they might do in a certain situation. Imagine that you would like to go out for an evening with some friends. Which suggestions would you make?


There are a number of formulas used when making suggestions in English. Here are some of the most common:

∑ Why don't you / we go to the movies tonight?

∑ You / we could visit New York while you're / we're there.

∑ Let's go to the travel agent's this afternoon to book our ticket.

∑ What about asking your brother for help?

∑ How about going to Hawaii for your vacation?

∑ I suggest you / we take all the factors into consideration before we decide.


Formula Verb Form
Why don't you / we go to a movie? Use the base form of the verb in a question
We / You could go to a movie. Use the base form of the verb in a statement
Let's go to a movie. Use the base form of the verb with 'let's'
What about going to a movie? Use the '-ing' form of the verb in a question
How about going to a movie? Use the '-ing' form of the verb in a question
I suggest you / we go to a movie. Use suggest object verb in the base form in a statement.




Perhaps and maybe can both be used before 'could' and 'should' if you want to sound more polite.

Perhaps we could phone them.
Maybe we should have a big party.




Circle any mistakes in the sentences. If there isn't a mistake, tick the box.

1. Why you don't you come swimming with us?

2. Let's meet us at outside the station.

3. Shall we do have a party on Saturday?

4. Why don't we to go to the cinema tomorrow?

5. I'm bored. Let's we go to the park.

6. I've got a new computer game. Shall we are play it?

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