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Many companies open a branch office to improve distribution in countries where a good market exists. The first step, of course, is to find suitable premises in a good location, where the rent is reasonable and transport to retailers and distributors is fast and easy to arrange. Local conditions including fire precautions and safety regulations must be met; a manager must be appointed and staff must be found.

A decision must be made about whether the branch office is to hold stock or not. The success or failure of this enterprise will depend on the relationship of the branch office to the Head Office, and that must be established before any of the details are considered.


Companies donít need branch offices    
It is important to find a suitable place    
The presence of a good market is binding    
The branch office must work independently from the Head Office    


Ex.8. Think of the advantages and disadvantages of the jobs you can do in a company, for example:

- Chief Accountant,

- Personnel Manager,

- Training officer,

- Sales Manager.

Give each of these jobs a score from 0 to 5 on the chart below.


  Chief Accountant Personnel Manager Training officer Sales Manager
interesting work        
flexibility of working hours        
salary or wages        
fringe benefits        
job security        
level of stress        
level of job satisfaction        
level of control over the work organization        


Ex.9. List the verbs in the box in groups of similar meaning to complete the word network. Use the dictionary entries below if necessary.



Speaking 2: Responsibilities


Ex.10. Imagine that you are the MD of a company. Ask your employees to tell a foreign partner about their responsibilities.


Ex.11. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words.

Customers, price, shareholders, leader, products, share, profit, employees, company, subsidiaries, turnover, competitors.

2. I work for a _______ called Sportswear.

3. Our main _______ are sports shoes.

4. Sportswear is a world _______ in the tennis and basketball shoe sector.

4. It has a national market ______ of 31 %.

5. It has 1,950 _______ in one country.

6. It has six ______ in four different countries.

7. Its main______ are aged 16-35 years old.

8. Its main European ______ are in France and the USA.

9. Its main______ are banks and pension funds.

10. Its _______ last year was £ 1.1 billion.

11. Its _______ last year was £ 15 million.

12. Its share ______ today is £ 52.



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