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Exercise 10. Ask questions to the following sentences. Use the interrogative words given in brackets.


1. They met during the mid-day meal.(when) 2. It took him hafl an hour to get to the Institute when he lived in the centre.(how long) 3. Most of the time he lived in the counntry.(where) 4. Mrs. Brown taught foreign languages at the university.(what foreign languages) 5. He came home late at night. (when) 6. I gave up smoking last week.(when) 7. I paid a lot for this computer.(how much) 8. We often went to the cinema last month.(how often) 9. Mary took somebodyís book by mistake.(whose) 1O. Alice bought some perfume. (what) 11. I met George at the library.(who) 12. Mike left early.(what time). 13. They arrived at the airport an hour ago.(where) 14. The tourists went to the British Museum.(where) 15. I last met Peter in January.(whom) 16. Mrs. Hillís children played in the yard all morning.(whose) 17. Barbara rewrote her composition.(what) 18. Mrs. Miller agreed to look after our children.(who) 19.The boss read all his letters in the morning.(when). 20. He didnít go to the University on Monday.(why)



Exercise 11. Complete the text about James Dean. Use the verbs in the Past Simple.



die, grow up, study, start, appear, act, see, like, offer, star,

become, cause


American actor James Dean was born in 1931, Deanís mother ... when Dean was only 8 years old and he ... on his aunt and uncleís farm. He ... acting for two years. Then he ... a career in films and the theatre. He also ... in some TV commercials, including one for Pepsi-Cola. In 1954, he ... in a play called The Immoralist in a new York theatre. Bosses from a Hollywood film studio ... the play. They ... Dean and ... him a film contract. Dean ... in three films, East of Eden (1955), Rebel without a Cause (1955) and Giant (1956). During his short career, he ... extremely popular with teenagers. His death in a car crash in 1957 ... great sadness in young people all over the world.



Exercise 13. What did Simon and Sally do yesterday? Complete the conversation. Use the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple.


Sally: What you (do) yesterday? You (go) to the Sports Centre?

Simon: Yes, I (go) there with Andrew.

Sally: You (play) tennis?

Simon: Yes, we (do).

Sally: Andrew is good, isnít he? He (win) the game?

Simon: Yes, he (win) easily.

Sally: What you (do) in the evening? You (stay) at home?

Simon: Yes, I (stay) in and (watch) TV.

Sally: What you (watch)?

Simon: A film of a rock comcert. It (be) really good. What about you? You (meet) Peter yesterday?

Sally: Yes, I (meet) him in town. We (go) shopping. Peter (want) to look for some new clothes.

Simon: He (buy) anything?

Sally: Yes, he (buy) a pair of jeans in Kings.

Simon: Kings? Thatís a really expensive shop, isnít it. How much he (pay)?

Sally: 42 pounds.



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