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VI. Match these different power plants to their description.

1 hydropower plant a) a traditional type of power plant which burns a solid, black fossil fuel
2 solar power plant b) a power plant which pumps water back uphill into a reservoir during periods of low demand
3 nuclear power plant c) a plant which uses the flow of water from a reservoir to generate electricity
4 wind power plant d) a power station utilizing the natural flow of water in a river for generating power
5 gas-fired power plant e) type of power plant that uses uranium as its primary fuel
6 run-of-river power plant f) a power plant which uses the natural flow of air to generate electricity
7 coal-fired power plant g) a fossil fuel power plant which burns a solid, a dark brown fuel
8 lignite-fired power plant h) a power plant that generates electricity utilizing energy from the sun
9 pump-storage power plant i) a power station which burns gas as its primary fuel


VII. Translate the following words and define their part of speech:

1. new, to renew, renewable, nonrenewable;

2. to pollute, pollution, pollutant;

3 to vary, various, variable, invariable, variation;

4. to contribute, contribution, contributory, contributor;

5. to divide, division, subdivision, indivisible;

6. to move, movement, moved, movable.


VIII. Translate the following sentences.

1. It is known that energy cannot be created.

2. It is impossible to create energy.

3. You are asked to give some examples of energy transformation.

4. The construction of large thermal power plants is paid great attention to.

5. This old type generator is said to have many disadvantages.

6. They employ new devices to obtain better results.

7. This mechanism is believed to be the best for converting heat into work.

8. One could not obtain results without repeating the test.

9. One must be very careful when operating a nuclear reactor.

Alternative energy


I. Read the following words:

alternative, resource, projected, quadrillion, century, supply, capture, store, upwards, towards, proportionately, growth.

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