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VII. Read and remember the following instructions.

What should you do to protect yourself from lightning?

a) Go inside a house, a building, or a car.

b) Never stand under a tree, especially if it standing alone in an open place. Tall things attract lightning.

c) Never swim or stay in a boat during the thunderstorm. Lightning travels easily through water and can find you!

d) Stay off metal things, such as bicycles and motorcycles, because they also attract lightning.

e) Stay in a low spot if you don’t have time to get to a safe place.



Isaak Newton



I. Read the following international words:

phenomena, mathematical, professor, physics, lecture, surface, spectrography, earth, mechanics, heavens.

II. Read and translate the text.

Isaak Newton was born in a farmer’s house on December 25, 1642 in a little village not far from the old university town of Cambridge.

His family wanted him to become a farmer, but with no success, as his mind was always busy with observing various phenomena of nature. He studied at Cambridge at mathematical course. Some years later after getting his

Isaac Newton degree he was appointed professor to the chair of physics

(1642-1727)and mathematics at Cambridge. He delivered lectures in optics. The study of light was Newton’s favorite study. He came to the conclusion that white light consisted of rays of different colours and that each particular kind of coloured ray was differently bent when it fell on a glass surface at the angle. His results formed the bases of modern spectrography. The theory of gravity was developed by him when he was only 24. Having seen the fall of an apple he came to the conclusion that the apple and the earth were pulling each other, and he began to think of the same pull extending far beyond the earth. Newton deduced and calculated the force of gravity acting between the Sun and the planets, thus establishing the law of gravitation. By discovering this law, he demonstrated the uniformity of things and found a connecting link between the mechanics of the earth and the mechanics of the heavens.

Newton’s mechanics was the first complete theory in the history of physics (and science in general) which described a large class of phenomena. One of Newton’s contemporaries expressed his admiration at this theory in the following verses:


Nature and nature’s Laws

Lay hid in night;

God said, Let Newton be

And all was light.



III. Remember these words:

degree, conclusion, ray, angle, to pull, to extend, force, to connect, to link.


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