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II. Read and translate the text.


The name of Thomas Alva Edison is widely known throughout the world. The most famous of all his contributions was the improvement of the electric lamp. Thus, highly appreciating Lodygin’s invention, Edison went further and worked out a more efficient incandescent filament lamp that was durable, cheap and suitable for the large-scale production. It is also owing to Edison that an efficient system of electric distribution

Thomas Edisonwas carried out, due to which the widespread use of this

(1847-1931) lamp became possible. Edison was a self-taught man, his schooling being limited to three months in a public school. In spite of this, from early childhood he displayed an intense curiosity as well as a great capacity for work and study. He began to experiment at the age of ten or eleven. Instead of a laboratory he used the cellar of his parents’ house.

Later on, Edison had to overcome many difficulties because of the lack of money and assistance. Thanks to his native genius, his capacity for work, (for months he slept no more than one or two hours a day) he headed technical research in his country and enriched humanity with his numerous inventions.


III. Remember these words:

incandescent, filament, distribution, to overcome, suitable, research, to enrich, capacity.


IV. Read the words of the same root and translate them into Russian:

- to differ, different, difference, indifferent, indifference;

- to act, action, interaction, active, reaction;

- to accelerate, acceleration, deceleration;

- to calculate, calculation, calculator.


V. Form nouns using suffixes -or, -er.

Work, translate, act, speak, steam, boil, conduct, engine, fact, heat.

VI. Form verbs using the prefix over-.

Load, throw, grow, come, estimate, power, take, heat.

VII. Complete the table

Noun Verb Company/Person
generation   generator


VIII. Answer the following questions:

1. How did Thomas Alva Edison improve the electric lamp?

2. At what age did he begin to experiment?

3. What can you say about his education?

4. Why did he have to overcome many difficulties?

The science of electricity



I. Read the following key words:

universe, head,nucleus, protons, neutrons,electrical charge, positive, negative, electricity.

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