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Read and translate the sentences into Russian.

1. If I see Sarah, I'll invite her to the party.
2. If he asks me, I'll help him.
3. I shall go to bed when I finish my work.
4. If you don't understand I'll repeat.
5. They will go to the country, if the weather is fine.
6. When the bus comes we shall be ready to go.
7. If the weather is rainy you will play at home.
8. If you have time we shall go for a walk.


Open the brackets using the verbs in the Future Simple Tense.

1. I (to know) the result in a day.

2. They (to remember) you well.

3. She (to recognize) his pictures anywhere.

4. He (to become) a lawyer in four years.

5. We (to play) football after the classes.

6. In 4 years I (to graduate) from the University.

7. We (to have) two seminars next week.

8. I (to be) a second-year student next year.


Decide what to do or not to do in the following situations.

Letters travel too long. (phone them)

I think weíll phone them.

Itís too cold today. (go skating)

I donít think weíll go skating.

1. What a hot day! (go for a swim)

2. Youíre too tired now. (do homework/tomorrow)

3. You forgot to phone Ann. (phone her/now)

4. Itís late evening. (have coffee)

5. Itís very hot in Africa in summer. (go there/on holidays)

6. You have a lot of work to do. (go to the cinema)

7. You like juice more than lemonade. (have juice)

8. Itís windy outside. (go for a walk)

9. You donít like traveling by train. (go by car)

10. You feel sleepy. (watch TV tonight)


Agree and promise to do the things.

A Can you type this letter? B Sure, Iíll type it after lunch.

1. A Can you cook the dinner today? B Sure, ________ (in the afternoon)

2. A Do you promise to write to me? B Yes, ________ (as soon as I get there)

3. A Can you wash my sweater? B All right, _________ (tomorrow)

4. A Please, donít break anything. B Donít worry. _________ (anything)

5. A Will you take the children to the Zoo? B Ok, _________ (on Saturday)

6. A Do you promise to phone him? B Yes, I promise. ________ (tonight)

7. A Will you come after me? B Yes, ___________ (as soon as I can)

8. A Will you send me those photographs? B Ok, ________ (tonight)

Use the notes to write about what will happen next weekend.

1. It/be/warm/tomorrow

2. Tom/watch/the match

3. Harrietís party/be/fun

4. Trevor/not put up/the shelves

5. Laura/be/annoyed

6. Andrew/study/all weekend

7. Rachel/not do/any work

Complete the conversation. Put in will or shall.

Rachel: What Ö we do today?

Vicky: It would be nice to go out somewhere. The forecast says temperatures Ö rise to thirty degrees.

Jessica: Ö we go for a walk?

Rachel: That sounds a bit boring. What about the seaside? We could get a bus.

Jessica: How much Ö it cost? I havenít got very much money.

Vicky: It isnít far. It doesnít cost much.

Jessica: It Ö be so crowded everywhere today because itís a holiday. The journey Ö take ages.

Rachel: Come on, Vicky. Ö we leave Jessica behind if sheís going to be so miserable?


Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Future Simple.

1. If I (to stay) some more days in your town, I (to call) on you and we (to have) a good talk. 2. You (to pass) many towns and villages on your way before you (to arrive) in Moscow. 3. When he (to return) to St Petersburg, he (to call) on us. 4. I (not to speak) to him until he (to apologize). 5. Peter (to introduce) us to his friends as soon as we (to meet) them. 6. She (to wait) for him till he (to come) back. 7. He (to give) you the book to read as soon as he (to finish) reading it. 8. We (to wait) when you (to make) up your mind.


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