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Упр. 79. Переведите предложения с Complex Subject, обращая внимание на форму инфинитива.


1. Many people are known to go in for sports. 2. She is said to be a good student. 3. She is said to have been a very good actress. 4. The text is believed to be quite difficult. 5. His friend is believed to have been taken to hospital. 6. The doctor is supposed to come in ah hour. 7. The doctor is likely to have come. 8. They are believed to be translating the article. 9. They seem to have translated the article. 10. They are believed to have been translating the article for the whole day. 11. The delegation is reported to arrive in the city. 12. The delegation is reported to have arrived in the city. 13. He is known to be a well-known writer. 14. His books are known to have been translated into many languages. 15. He is known to have been working at his problem all his life.



1. The opening of the conference is supposed to have been fixed for the 9th of December. 2. He seems to know all about this problem. 3. The questions appear to be of great importance for them. 4. The visitors were thought to be asked questions. 5. The rain is likely to have started at night. 6. She seems to have been waiting for a long time. 7. He is expected to be invited to the party. 8. She was seen to be talking to the director. 9. The game in announced to be finished. 10. She happened to be looking at that direction and see a man run out of the house. 11. The results of the test seemed to have disappointed them. 12. It is certain to snow in the evening. 13. The goods didn’t appear to have been packed carefully. 14. The plan proved to be a great success. 15. The girls are said to be having dinner. 16. He didn’t seem to be surprised by the news. 17. She was seen to come there with her husband. 18. He was said to be taken for a walk.


Упр. 80. Найдите предложения с Complex Subject.

1. Everybody knows Moscow to be founded by Jury Dolgoruky. 2. The train is supposed to come in time. 3. The student was asked to read the text aloud. 4. The expedition is expected to be organized next year. 5. The exams are likely to be taken in June. 6. He proved to be a talented scientist. 7. They hoped to be sent to the expedition. 8. The conference is said to have been a success.


Упр. 81. Перифразируйте предложения, используя Complex Subject.


1. He was a very gloomy man. Everybody knew that. 2. It is known that the match will take place on our playground. 3. It was expected that the members of the committee would come to an agreement. 4. It was reported that many buildings had been damaged by the fire. 5. It is considered that he is the best student in the group. 6. It is said that there are many difficulties in solving this problem. 7. It is said that he has been awarded with a gold medal. 8. It is said that there is hope of coming to an agreement. 9. It can’t be considered that the results of the experiment are bad. 10. We think that they were met at the station. 11. We heard that she was speaking about the accident. 12. He saw that the car left the yard. 13. They often heard how the girl sang that melody. 14. People saw that he entered the house that very morning. 15. It is announced that all the guests are invited to the concert hall.



1. It seems that this book is very popular with the children. 2. It seems that she knows French well. 3. It appears that the house was built in the 19th century. 4. It seemed that he knew the subject rather well. 5. It seemed that the play had made a deep impression on him. 6. It happened that he was at home at that time. 7. It proved that he was an experienced worker. 8. It happened that the key had been lost two days before. 9. It seems that they were very glad to get this letter. 10. It appears that there are different opinions on this subject. 11. It is likely that the ship will arrive tonight. 12. It is not likely that they have done everything themselves. 13. I know for sure that the address is wrong. 14. They certainly have forgotten about the appointment.


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