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VI Work in pairs. Discuss the questions.

1. What is video design?

2. Where and how can video design be implied?

3. What influenced the development of this area of design?

4. What computer programs are used in motion design field?

5. What skills are needed to become a video designer?

6. What kinds of media files do you know?

7. What can be created inside those files?

8. What properties do the layers have?

9. How do the layers merge with each other?

10. What is one of the basic principles in computer animation?

VII Practise reading the dialogue with your partner:

- Nice head shot, John!

- Itís a picture of my wife. We went for a walk up the woods today and I saw a ray sunshine coming through the trees so I asked my lovely wife to stand in the light while I tried to get a shot. It was taken at 3.30 this afternoon. But Iím afraid itís not really a head shot, but a portrait.

- Why? A head shot is a photographic technique where the focus of the photograph is a person's face. It is essentially the same as portrait. However, headshot is an image that portrays people as they are and is more of a 'mug shot', however simple or stylized it might be.

- Not exactly. The emphasis here must be done on the word ďportraysĒ. A portrait will often 'portray' the person with elements of his life, such as his work, interest, etc. Whereas, a head shot is a front-on (photograph, facing straight at the camera, with the face being the centre of the picture and containing minimal or no surroundings. The facial expression is usually neutral. These head shots are usually used as a form of identification. They are used as passport photos, mug shots and on other forms of photo identification and often require the temporary removal of facial accessories such as glasses.

- I think itís really hard to distinguish whether it is a head shot or a portrait. But anyway itís great! I like it, light looks good, is it all natural light, or did you use any fill flash on it?

- All natural light, mate, I didnít take my flashgun with me. As Iíve already said the light coming through the trees was lovelyÖ

- This photo shows how good natural light can be, I definitely under-use it.

- Nice lively expression. You've captured her eyes beautifully. Itís well lit/exposed with just the right amount of detail in the hair and skin. Itís great DOF* Ė there is no distraction at all from the background.

- Thank you. Iím pleased you like it.

* (DOF) depth of field

VIII Give the main idea of the dialogue in your own words.

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