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XII. Writing and Speaking.

1. Write about two possible applications of using computer graphics in business.

2. You probably have a paint program at home; describe what you do with it.

XIII. How much do you know about training design engineers? Work in pairs and discuss the following questions. Choose the best answer.

1. What are design engineers in charge of?

a) managing and controlling different kinds of business.

b) designing and styling new products and developing new brands and logos.

c) researching and analyzing new trends in the international market.

2. When did design start developing in Russia?

a) since 1950s.

b) since 1990s.

c) since 1930s.

3. What is the function of design in economics?

a) to increase the profit of the enterprise.

b) to distinguish smbís product from that of smbís competitors and thus promote smbís product.

c) to draw clients to buy different products.

4. What special skills do designers acquire?

a) IT skills, presentation and communication skills.

b) driving skills.

c) teaching skills.

XIV. Now read Text III and see if you were right.



I. The aims and kinds of Design.

I think that design is one of the most interesting creative careers. Design can be defined as creative activity that is carried out according to the laws of beauty and functionality. All modern-day enterprises and businesses need design engineers. Design engineers are in charge of designing and styling new products as well as developing new brands and logos. Today such properties of merchandise as aesthetics, convenience and functionality (=user-friendliness) are coming to the fore.

To begin with design is a very broad field, it includes a lot of different kinds of design, such as graphic design, industrial design, advertising design, packaging design, textile design, media design, as well as landscape design and architectural design, interior design and others.

By the way design is a relatively new branch. In Russia design started developing only since 1930s. In Omsk the designersí union was formed only in 1990. Fortunately, today the Russian design has caught up with its overseas counterparts.

It is known that design has a lot of important economic aspects, especially in countries with saturated markets. Here the function of design is to distinguish your product from that of your competitors and thus promote your product. That is to say, design enhances the selling properties of consumer goods. For example, design is extremely important in the car-making industry. In choosing a car buyers naturally pay great attention to the car's styling. In buying perfumes buyers pay attention to the design of vials and so on. I think that in future the emotional aspect of design will play an increasingly important role. Our future work as design engineers will include producing innovative interiors, new textile designs, graphic design, design for electronic media and other kinds of design.

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