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Airplane-Flight attendant

Describe Your Future Job!

English, No. 5, p. 32-33


Each student chooses/is assigned one occupation. Below you can find some samples of job descriptions. Students might do further research. They must report to the class:

1. What the main job description is.

2. What kind of training/education/talents are needed.

3. Where they might work.

4. If they would wear anything special.

5. If they need any special tools or equipment.

6. If the job is more suitable for a man or a woman and why.

7. If this job might pay well in Russia, in Europe or America.

8. if they would have any interest in this occupation. Why or why not.



Applies principles of accounting to analyze financial information and prepare financial reports: Complies and analyzes financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, such as general ledger accounts, documenting business transactions. Analyzed financial information detailing assets, liabilities, and capital, and prepares balance sheet, profit and los statement, and other reports to summarize current and projected company financial position, using calculator or computer.



Entertains audience by performing difficult and spectacular teats, such as leaping, tumbling, and balancing, alone or as member of team. Originates act or adapts stock presentations. May use equipment, such as chairs and teeter board. May juggle.


Administrative Secretary

Keeps official corporation records and executes administrative policies determined by or in conjunction with other officials: Prepares memorandums outlining and explaining administrative procedures and policies to supervisory workers. Plans conferences. Directs preparation or records, such as notices, minutes, and resolutions for stockholders’ and directors’ meetings. Directs recording or company stock issues and transfers. Acts as custodian of corporate documents and records.



Conducts experiments or investigations in field-crop problems and develops new methods of growing crops to secure more efficient production, higher yield, and improved quality: Plans and carries out breeding studies at experiment stations or farms to develop and improve varieties of field crops, such as cotton, tobacco, or cereal with respect to characteristics, such as yield, quality, adaptation to specific soils or climates, and resistance to diseases and pests.

Studies crop production to discover best methods of planting, cultivation, harvesting, and effects of various climatic conditions on crops.


Airplane-Flight attendant

Performs variety of personal services conducive to safety and comfort of airline passengers during flight: Greets passengers, verifies tickets, records destinations, and directs passengers to assigned seats. Assists passengers to store carry-on luggage in overhead, garment, or under seat storage. Explains use of safety equipment, such as seat belts, oxygen masks, and life jackets. Walks aisle of plane to verify that passengers have complied with federal regulations prior to take off. Serves previously prepared meals and beverages. Observes passengers to detect signs of discomfort, and issues palliatives to relieve passenger ailments, such as airsickness and insomnia. Administers first aid according to passenger distress when needed.


Ambulance driver

Drives ambulance to transport sick, injured, or convalescent persons: Places patients on stretcher and loads stretcher into ambulance, usually with help of ambulance attendant (medical ser.). Takes sick or injured persons to hospital, or convalescents to destination, using knowledge and skill in driving to avoid sudden motions detrimental to patients. Changes soiled linen on stretcher. Administers first aid.



Administers anesthetics to render patients insensible to pain during surgical, obstetrical, and other medical procedures: Examines patient to determine degree of surgical risk, and type of anesthetic and sedation to administer, and discusses findings with medical practitioner concerned with case. Positions patient on operating table and administers local, intravenous, spinal, caudal, or other anesthetic according to prescribed medical standards. Institutes remedial measures to counteract adverse reactions or complications.


Animal Trainer

Trains animals to obey commands, compete in shows, or perform tricks to entertain audience: Evaluates animal to determine temperament, ability, and aptitude for training. Conducts training program to develop desired behavior. May organize format of show. May conduct show. May cue or signal animal during performance. May rehearse animal according to script for motion picture or television film or stage or circus program. May train guard dog to protect property. May teach guide dog and master to function as team. May feed, exercise, and give general care to animal.



Makes comparative studies in relations to distribution, origin, evolution, and races of humans, cultures they have created, and their distribution and physical characteristics: Gathers, analyzes, and reports data on human physique, social customs, and artifacts, such as weapons, tools, pottery, and clothing. May apply anthropological data and techniques to solution of problems in human relations.


Appliance Repairer

Repairs portable, household electrical appliances, such as fans, heaters, vacuum cleaners, toasters, and flatirons, on assembly line: Refers to inspector's checklist, or defect-symbol marked on appliance, to identify defective or malfunctioning part. Disassembles appliance to remove defective part, using power screwdrivers, soldering iron, and handtools. Installs new part, and reassembles appliance. Records nature of repair in log or on mechanical counting device. Maintains stock of replacement parts.


Art Director

Formulates concepts and supervises workers engaged in executing layout designs for art work and copy to be presented by visual communications media, such as magazines, books, newspapers, television, posters, and packaging: Reviews illustrative material and confers with client or individual responsible for presentation regarding budget, background information, objectives, presentation approaches, styles, techniques, and related production factors. Formulates basic layout design concept and conducts research to select and secure suitable illustrative material, or conceives and assigns production of material and detail to artists and photographers.



Tests ores and minerals and analyzes results to determine value and properties of components, using spectrographic analysis, chemical solutions, and chemical or laboratory equipment, such as furnaces, beakers, graduates, pipettes, and crucibles: Separates metals or other components from dross materials by solution, flotation, or other liquid processes, or by dry methods.


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