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Give a character sketch of Mr. Cowlishaw.

Give a character sketch of Eric Gorin.


Erik Gorin is a young man, about twenty-one, little above middle height, slender, and wearing not very good clothes. He is to have a job interview at Columbia University with Professor Fox because he was recommended by his teacher Dr. Hollingworth.


He is very nervous during the interview and he even has to clear his throat before answering Professor's questions. Pr. Fow notices that he speaks in a slow steady voice, and he sits up straight as though prepared for any onslaught. He sees a bright watchful face and eager intelligence it holds. Moreover he thinks that Erik is scared, probably hungry, and he still still wants to set the world on fire. We can say that Erik is very ambitious and perceviring man, he really wants to get this job and he is really devoted to it. Though he feels ill at ease because of his nervousness he pulls himself together in order to make a favorable impression on Professor Fox.


Professor Fox gets really interested in Erik and he does his best to put Erik at ease and encourage him. He thinks that he is the very man that they need for this job. He tells Erik about his duties, schedule, his doctorate and opportunities he will have. Moreover, he invites him to a open house in order that he could meet other members of the staff. After that he asks Erik quite a formal question about his summer in order that he could make up his usual speech. And at this moment Erik fails to control himself because he is a very emotional man and starts telling Pr. Fox about his summer. In fact he had no intention of saying anything personal but there is something so gentle and sincere about Fox that he can't help telling him everything about the past two months.


Moreover from his summer experience we can say that he is a very decent man because he didn't sponge on Pr. Hollingworth and gave up the job of a man who had to provide for his family. He had to do many crazy jobs but he never lost the sight of his ultimate aim of becoming a physicist. He let's Pr. Fox know that he really wants to get this job and that it is a very important opportunity for him to become a real professional. Erik is eager to live up to Pr. Fox's expectations and Pr. really appreciates that.


I really like Erik Gorin because he is a very ambitious man and he never loses the sight of his ultimate aim and he is a good example of a hardworking person who is really devoted to his job.



Give a character sketch of Mr. Cowlishaw.

Mr. Cowlishaw is a commencing dentist, who has just bought the ready-made practice of the retired Mr. Rapper, a dentist of the very old school, in a small town named Hambridge.


He is a fair-haired bachelor aged twenty-four with a weak moustache. He is a young, ambitious and educated man, who really loves his job. He is convinced that a true professional earns his living by his hard and fair work. He helps his patients whatever social status they posses. He values his reputation of a skilled specialist and doesn't sin against professional etiquette.


At the same time Mr. Cowlishaw understands that the patronage of the aristocracy of Hambridge is very important in the beginning of his career, when he is lacking in experience yet.


That is why he misses a lucky chance of making an advertisement of his practice when Rannoch, a famous football player, offers him his help. He rejects his offer because he thinks that it is not professional to make use of the fame of his patient and he thinks that it means sinning against professional etiquette.


But when Mrs. Clowes, the mayoress herself, asked him for help the commencing dentist makes the right decision though a very difficult for him. He is tortured by a conflict between the desire of doing his job professionally and gaining the patronage of aristocracy of the town and the fear that his career can be nipped in the bud.


He makes a right choice and proves to be a true professional extracting the mayoress' tooth at the first pull, literally "wrenching the colossal monument". He successfully copes with the task which is really challenging. First, the tooth is colossal and absolutely healthy. Second, the patient is very difficult to deal with, demanding, capricious. She doubts his success and refuses the effective gas. Moreover Mrs. Clowes is a very important person in the town. Third, his nerves are on edge. He is in panic and has a sick feeling. Making a great effort he pulls himself together assuming a tranquillity which he doesn't feel. He answers her questions with an admirable simulation of gaiety. However when he laughs it's a hysterical laugh. But he successfully goes through with the task. Though he faints from nervous excitement, his unconscious hand holds the forceps with the monumental tooth.

Mr. Cowlishaw is a winner and he will probably become the most famous dentist in the town.


I think that Mr. Cowlishaw will make a good dentist. He proved that he is a skilled dentist, when he extracted Mrs. Clowes' tooth. It was a very difficult task because he had no experience in extracting such teeth and the patient was hard to deal with. He was very nervous because he could have lost his practice but he pulled himself together and went through with the task. So we can say that he is a good dentist and a true professional.

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