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You are making the following calls. Respond to the person.

1. You are phoning Preston Builders Ltd. 2. You are phoning Kenny Fung at Far Easter Travel to check on some flight bookings. He asked you to phone him back today. 3. You are ringing Ben Seldeen to confirm an appointment you’ve been trying to arrange. You suggest Monday. 4. You work in Sales Account. You have just picked up your phone.

4.9 Role game.

Work with another student. Agree which of you is Student A and which is Student B. Student B has information in card 1. Student A- in card 2. You sit back-to-back. Student A should now ‘ring’ Student B. When you have made the calls once, you can change the roles.

Card 1

B1 You don’t know the person the caller wants to speak to. Has he got the right number? Your number is 75 40 25. B2 You are Petre Chan. Your wife is away on business in Tokyo for three days. Find out what the caller wants. You think the arrangement is OK but tell the caller that you will get your wife to ring him when she gets back. B3 You are Bruno Lampard. You are busy all next week except on Thursday from 11.45 am.

Card 2

A1 You are William Tegetmeier, Caltex Oil and Gas Company. Call Susan Chan in Hong Kong. You would like her to confirm that she can meet you at 10 am on Monday 14 May in your office. A2 Try the same call again. A3 You are Philip Brown. You have an interesting business idea that you want to discuss with Bruno Lampard (a friend of yours gave you his name). Ring him to arrange a meeting as early as possible next week. You’d like to take him out for lunch and then talk for an hour or so.


4.10 Prepare yourself how to communicate well on the telephone. The following links will help you.

· Telephone English: Dialogue and Appropriate Vocabulary

· Telephone English: Leaving a Message on an Answering Machine

· How to Telephone: Tips and Tricks to Make Sure a Native English Speaker Slows Down!

· Practical Exercises: Exercises to Improve Your Telephoning Skills

· Role Plays: Role Play Dialogue Cues to Practice Telephoning with Friends

· Teaching Telephone English: Lesson Plan


5.1 Read and translate the information How to Leave a Phone Message.


Sometimes, there may not be anyone to answer the telephone and you will need to leave a message. Follow this outline to make sure that the person who should receive your message has all the information he/she needs.

Things You'll Need:


Step 1

Speak slowly and enunciate clearly. If the recipient can't understand your message, it will be useless and frustrating.

Step 2

Try not to ramble, mumble, hesitate or whisper.

Step 3

Emphasize your phone number and name by repeating them, especially for business calls or important social engagements.

Step 4

Prepare, at least in your mind or write down, what you want to say beforehand.

Step 5

Respond to the matter at hand. If it's a romantic connection, consider reading a sweet poem; alternatively, make it short and sweet.

Step 6

Be businesslike for a business connection. State your name, your company and your reason for the call: "returning your call," I was referred to you by Joe Schmo," "I got your name from my marketing VP," "You've won the sweepstakes."

Step 7

Never feel compelled to tell all to the machine. Phrases such as, "Call me back for details" or "I'd prefer to tell you this news in person" are welcome.

Step 8

Cut off? Call back and leave your message again, explaining why.

Step 9

Include a time when you can be reached for a return call.

(from http://www.ehow.com/how_11174_leave-phone-message.html)

5.2 Prepare yourself how to leave a phone message. The following link will help you.


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