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Lt;variant> thirsty

Lt;variant> hungry

Lt;variant> not hungry

Lt;variant> not thirsty

Lt;variant> angry

Lt;question> Put the appropriate preposition: Knowledge . power.

Lt;variant> is

Lt;variant> from

Lt;variant> for



Lt;question> Put in the correct prepositions or adverbs: Look .the baby while I am out.

Lt;variant> after

Lt;variant> to

Lt;variant> till

Lt;variant> by


<question> What time .........

Lt;variant> did you get to work this morning ?

Lt;variant> did you get to the work this morning ?

Lt;variant> will you arrive the work this morning ?

Lt;variant> did you reach the work this morning ?

Lt;variant> does you get to work this morning ?

<question> Can you give me ......... about train times please?

Lt;variant> some information

Lt;variant> an information

Lt;variant> the information

Lt;variant> some informations

Lt;variant> a information

<question> You ......... a licence to ride a bike in Cambridge.

Lt;variant> havent have

Lt;variant> havent to have

Lt;variant> dont have to have

Lt;variant> mustnt have

Lt;variant> havent have

Lt;question> Choose the correct preposition: America was named ... an explorer who was born in Italy.

Lt;variant> after

Lt;variant> over

Lt;variant> for

Lt;variant> on


Lt;question> Make the right choice: There a sofa, two armchairs, coffee-table and journals on it in the guestroom.

Lt;variant> is

Lt;variant> are

Lt;variant> were

Lt;variant> no correct answer


Lt;question> Fill in the appropriate modal verb: The news be true! I dont believe you.

Lt;variant> cant

Lt;variant> can

Lt;variant> be able to

Lt;variant> couldnt

Lt;variant> able

Lt;question> Choose the right form of the verb: Provided it ... raining, well go for a walk this afternoon

Lt;variant> stops

Lt;variant> has stopped

Lt;variant> is stopped

Lt;variant> stopped

Lt;variant> is stopping

Lt;question> Choose the correct pronoun: Be careful! They are looking at ...

Lt;variant> us

Lt;variant> we

Lt;variant> our



<question> How .......... to get to London by train?

Lt;variant> long does it take

Lt;variant> long time does it take

Lt;variant> long it take

Lt;variant> much time it takes

Lt;variant> far do you

Lt;question> Choose the correct form of the verb: I didnt have time to check the composition. I handed it in as soon as I ... it.

Lt;variant> finishes

Lt;variant> has finishes

Lt;variant> finished

Lt;variant> finish

Lt;variant>will be finished

Lt;question>You haven't really been to England, ___ you?

Lt;variant> have

Lt;variant> had

Lt;variant> were

Lt;variant> did

Lt;variant> do

<question> A chemist is a place ..........

Lt;variant> where you can buy medicine

Lt;variant> at which you can buy medicine in

Lt;variant> which you can buy medicine

Lt;variant> where you can buy picture

Lt;variant> where you can buy food

Lt;question> Choose the correct tense: You are so quiet. What (think/you) about?

Lt;variant> are you thinking

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