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Choose the right answer:


1. The teacher allowed us reference material while writing the report.

a) to use b) using c) use d) used

2. They expected the meeting in a conference hall.

a) to hold b) to be held c) holding d) to be holding

3. What makes him so jealous of his friends success?

a) to be b) being c) be d) to have been

4. I hope Baranovichi State University.

a) for entering b) to enter c) of entering d) entering

5. I want my brother the work as soon as possible.

a) finishing b) to finish c) finishes d) finish

6. Could you help me the work as soon as possible?

a) finishing b) in finishing c) with finishing d) to finish

7. A passer-by asked me how to the railway station.

a) can get b) get c) getting d) to get

8. The tourists expected the hotel much better.

a) be b) being c) of being d) to be

9. I would like my daughter back home earlier.

a) come b) coming c) to come d) to be coming

10.A thermometer is used the temperature.

a) take b) for taking c)taking d) to take

11. The traffic was bad, I arrived on time.

a) although b) in spite of c) despite d) because of

12.Kate might phone tonight. I dont want to go out she phones.

a) because b) because of c) in case d) if

13.A dog ran out in front of the car we were driving along the road.

a) in case b) as c) if d) when

14.The doorbell rang we were asleep.

a) as b) just as c) when d) while

15.After the interruption, the speaker went on talking nothing had happened.

a) as b) as if c) like d) without

16.My father is a terrible driver. He drives he were the only driver on the road.

a) as b) like c) as if d) how

17.I wish I so rude to her yesterday.

a) wasnt b) werent c) hasnt been d) hadnt been

18.I wish I to work.

a)hadnt have b) dont have c) didnt have d) hadnt had

19.I wish you with me at the sea.

a) had been b) were c) has been d) would be

20.I wish she me last night.

a) called b) calls c) has called d) had called

21.I wish I taller, because I am not very tall.

a) were b) would have been c) would be d) will be

22.I wish I on holiday with you, but I am busy tomorrow.

a) would go b) would have gone c) went d) could go

23.I wish the car faster.

a) would go b) would have gone c) went d) will go

24.I wish I your advice that day.

a) took b) had not taken c) would not taken

d) would not have taken

25.I wish she to the theatre with us last Friday.

a) came b) will come c)would come

d) could have come

26.I wish I everything to you yesterday.

a)could explain b) explained c) could have explained

d) have explained

27.I wish you talking now.

a) to stop b) stopped c) will stop d) would stop

28.I wish they arguing because they make me nervous.

a) will stop b) would stop c) stop d) would have stopped

29.If I were you I a contract with this firm.

a) would not sign b) will not sign c) will not have signed

d) would not have signed

30.If I a lot of money I would buy a house at the seaside.

a) will have b) had c) have d) have had


1. Translate the following sentences. Pay attention to the words in italics.

1. You must have seen those computer games they have been heavily advertised on TV and all the Sunday papers.

2. To promote their new brand of shampoo, they are selling it at half price for a month. 3. In order to market a product well you need to be aware of public demand. 4. Like most Hollywood movies it was so hyped up that when I saw it I felt rather disappointed. 5. The author used the opportunity of appearing on TV to give his latest book a plug. 6. Revlon is really pushing its new range of beauty creams. 7. At this time of year, the papers are full of advertisements for skiing holidays.


2. Think of the synonyms to the following words. Consult a good dictionary if necessary.


Merchant, goods, launch, edifice, sponsor, announcement, commerce, commercials, eye-catching, face-to-face, consumer, customarily.


3. Find antonyms to the following words.

Primitive, hire, announce, accuse of, develop, promote, spiritual.


4. Like any other sphere of business, advertising means tough competition first of all. The following words will help you in the situation when you are to describe this toughness.


Compete, vie, be in competition with, fight, contest, pit oneself against, competitor, rival, battle, straight fight, rivalry, competition, competitive, t-throat, dog-eat-dog, rat race.


Try to define the right sentence for the words above. Change their forms if necessary. Some words can be used twice.

1. This computer firm is strong enough on equal terms at home and abroad. 2. Advanced technology and low wage costs are helping the Taiwanese firms internationally. 3. His restaurant is now so good that it some of the best in London. 4. If you want the job, youll have for it.5. The two major tabloid newspapers with each other for the best stories. 6. In a desperate bid to dominate the market, they had the giants of the computer industry. . The leadership election will be by four candidates. 8. for these jobs is very tough we have over 200 applicants for just six posts. 9. These acting awards are in an atmosphere of intense rivalry. 10. In such a fiercely environment, its inevitable that some companies will go out of business. 11. Their company was our main for that share of the market. 12. There is competition between drug companies these days. 13. There was a long for control of the publishing company. 14. Advertising is a business. 15. The stress of the is a major cause of health problems. 16. With only two candidates left, it will be a between them for the post. 17. This information is secret, which could be of great value to our .


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