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Youth organizations in Belarus


In conformity with Article 36 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus youth public associations may be organized by citizens of the Republic who have attained to the age of 16.

There are a lot of youth organizations in Belarus. The most authoritative of them are: the Belarusian Republican Union of Youth, the Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organization, the Organization of Belarusian Scouts, the Belarusian Organization of Falcons, the Association of Belarusian Guides, etc. The aforementioned organizations take an active part in the formation of the basis and implementation of the state policy in respect of youth. These activities are managed and directed by the State Committee on the Affairs of youth.

The most numerous youth organization is the Belarusian Republican Union of Youth. It was founded at the uniting congress of the Belarusian Union of Youth and the Belarusian Patriotic Union of Youth in 2002. No wonder that the process of uniting was widely supported by the youth. Its aim is quite noble: to create conditions for all-round development of young people and to contribute to creation of a civil society in Belarus.

The main goal of the BRUY is to unite patriotically thinking young people for active participation in the construction of a society of social justice and progress. The main objectives of the organization are as follows:

- to express, defend and realize the rights and legal interests of its members;

- to form the world outlook based on moral and spiritual as well as Christian values;

- to foster patriotism as the main spiritual and social value;

- to express devotion to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, to the country, its people and its state symbols;

- to give assistance to every member of the organization in his spiritual, intellectual and physical development and in realization of his abilities and creative potential;

- to take part in preparation of young people for the defence of their motherland.

The Belarusian Republican Union of Youth and its members accomplish their goals and objectives in the following activities;

- they participate in formation of youth policy and put it into practice;

- they support the initiatives of the youth directed at self-perfection and all-round development of their individual abilities;

- they help young people to become integrated members of society;

- they elaborate and accomplish different educational, social and other youth programs which do not contradict the present legislation;

- they render assistance in finding employment;

- they promote international youth co-operation;

- they attract the attention of the mass media and the bodies of state power to the problems and initiatives of the youth;

- they organize conferences, meetings, lectures, exhibitions, concerts for young people; etc.

Members of the BRUY have certain rights and duties and they can leave the organization at their free will.


II. Answer the questions:


1. Are there many youth organizations in Belarus ?

2. When was the Belarusian Republican Union of Youth founded ?

3. What is the goal of this organization ?

4. What are its main objectives ?

5. How does the BRUY accomplish its goals and objectives ?

6. Do the members of the BRUY have rights and duties ?


III. Comment on:


- the objectives of the BRUY;

- the activities of the BRUY.



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