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Vocabulary peculiarities

Read, translate, remember.

A sharp turn

We left our friend Tom in a black mood because his sweetest «computer dream» didn't come true. The main stumbling block, his Dad, was absolutely convinced that «this box would induce Tom to take to computer games and miss his classes; then he would fail his exams and would have to repeat the year». Tom knew that if his Dad had made up his mind everyone might have just as well give in without any fuss because his opinion was set in stone. It was a blind alley and there was no way out of it.


On a sudden ... a lucky event turned the «routine course» of Tom's life to a new favorable direction. Now it looks like things will pan out for him well. You'll find out what happened while looking over the phone conversation between the two old friends, Tom and Jack.

Jack: Hallo, Jack speaking.

Tom: Hi, buddy! Big news! The tide has turned for me!

Jack: Congratulations. ... Have you won a prize in a lottery?

Tom: No, but, you see, Dad is put out 'cause he has realized eventually that the absence of a modern computer at home is keeping him back.

Jack: I still can't make out what's up. ... Calm down, Tom. ... Don't beat about the bush,... say to the subject.

Tom: Well, as you know Dad is in advertising. Yesterday he came back from his office and was very excited. I over­heard accidentally when he said to Mum that he was in charge of a large TV advertisement project and that «from now on the whole thing turns on him. Consequent­ly», he went on, «I have to slave away on the evenings and weekends at home». Later in the evening Dad en­tered my room. «Have a word with you, Tom», said he, «what about our computer? Can you install modern graphic and multimedia programs?» Boy, it dawned on me that it was a lucky chance and I jumped at it instantly. «No, Daddy», I answered, «our box is absolutely out of date. It's good for nothing except for a dump». Dad stared at me, «What makes you think that?» «My com­mon sense and experience», I answered. For a while Dad was buried in reflection. «Well, isn't it possible to up­grade it?» asked he. «I can't say for certain on the spur of the moment, but I think it won't do any good», was my reply. Our conversation was kept on over the supper ta­ble. In the end dad said, «Well, I'll buy a new one. ... I'm driven by circumstances». «I fall in with your plan and take you at your word», sighed I with relief. «You bet», answered Dad. Things are looking up now!

Taking Computer/or Granted

Jack: I got the picture, man. As my Dad says, no one knows what the future has in store for us. Eventually, you lucked out and that's it for you! Congratulations!

Tom: Thank you, boy. May I ask you for some help and advice?

Jack: Be sure, I'll stand by. By the way, you're in for a slight shock as I suspect your new box must be the last word in computer technology. Hence, your Dad will shell out a lot to get it, but I am up to cutting down your expenses essentially.

Tom: What's the big idea?

Jack: Well, I can't make up my mind straight away, but I'll think over one idea, buck it up and come round to let you know my decision. What about tomorrow, let's say, at 9 p.m.?

Tom: Oh, that's OK. We usually turn in at about 11.00. I guess we must talk this matter over with Dad. I think he'll take up with you. Thank you for backing me up, boy. Bye! I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Jack: So long!

Make up sentences using these phrasal verbs and expressions. Useful vocabulary A. Phrasal verbs


back (somebody) up support morally or verbally
be in for be about to encounter something (often bad)
be put out be upset
be up to be able
buck up pay attention to improving smth
calm down become calm, quiet
come true end by being real (of wish, fear, or plan for the future)
come round pay a visit
cut down reduce



give in surrender
fall in with accept, agree with
find out discover
goon continue
jump at accept with enthusiasm
keep back prevent the development of
keep on continue
look over examine carefully
look up improve
luck out be lucky, have good luck
make out understand
pan out turn out, develop
shell out pay out too much (usually unwil­lingly)
slave away work very hard and unwillingly for a long time
stand by be ready for action
take to adopt as a hobby
take up with become friends with
talk over discuss in detail
think over consider carefully
turn in go to bed
turn on depend on

B. Expressions and idioms


be buried in reflection think deeply
be driven by the circums­tances be urged to do smth under certain circumstances
be good for nothing be useless
be in a black mood be sad
be in charge of having control of
be out of date be not modern
be set in stone be constant
beat about the bush avoid or not to be able saying smth directly

Ò.9.Ø.9 Ñ°ÔØ!:?Ã.19Ã Granted


blind alley anything which leads nowhere; a street open only at one end
get the picture understand
have a word with you want to speak to you
in the end at last
it won't do any good it will not bring satisfactory results
make up one's mind come to a decision
on the spur of the moment do something without prepara­tion
repeat the year go over the same courses
say to the subject be concise and concrete
so long good bye
straight away immediately
stumbling block handicap, obstacle
take you at your word act according to the exact meaning of what is said
that's it for you have possession of an object, beyond which more of the same is unnecessary
tide has turned for me better days are ahead
what's up what happened
you bet certainly, of course

A bit of humor

DVD for dummies

- Hello, tech support.

- Hi. I bought one of those new computers from you and it is not working the way it's supposed to.

- What seems to be the problem, sir?

- Your sales guy told me it has this DVD in it that plays movies.

- And it is not working?

- Nope. I click on the thing on the screen that says DVD and don't get a thing.


- The movies should actually start automatically when you in­sert a DVD disc.

- Well, I didn't try that. You have to insert some kind of disc?

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