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We _______ with my parents at the moment while we look for a flat.

o are staying

o stay

o have been staying

o will stay

o have stayed

I _______ lunch and was having coffee when Joe arrived with an enormous cake.

o had finished

o have finished

o was finishing

o finished

o am finishing

10. _______ you ever _______ a sports car?

o Have… driven

o Do… drive

o Are… driving

o Will… drive

o Are… going to drive

11. Sorry I’m late. _______ you _______ long?

o Have… been waiting

o Are… waiting

o Have… waited

o Do… wait

o Did… wait

Luckily I _______ quite slowly when a cat ran in front of my car.

o was driving

o had been driving

o am driving

o drove

o has been driving

Tom says you _______ me 10 minutes ago. I was in a meeting.

o were looking for

o looked for

o was looking for

o have looked for

o have been looking for

14. I _______ yet at work. Can you lend me some money?

o haven’t been paid

o hadn’t been paid

o wasn’t paid

o am not paid

o will not be paid

15. _______ we _______ the new Japanese restaurant in town?

o Shall… try

o Will… try

o Are… trying

o Have… tried

o Did… try

My boyfriend drives _______ than I do.

o more slowly

o slowlier

o slowlyer

o slowlyest

o slowliest

17. He _______ be at home. His car isn’t there.

o can’t

o mustn’t

o don’t have to

o can

o must

I _______ her for ten years.

o ’ve known

o ’ve been knowing

o ‘ve knowed

o knew

o know

19. I’m afraid you _______ speak to Mr Franks at the moment. He’s busy.

o can’t

o shouldn’t

o can

o should

o mustn’t

I drove my in-laws to the theatre last night so I _______ clean my car.

o had to

o must

o has to

o can

o didn’t have to

21. It was a great holiday. But it wasn’t _______ hot there as it was last summer.

o as

o than

o so

o such

o like

22. You _______ eat so much salt. It isn’t good for you.

o shouldn’t

o don’t have to

o can’t

o don’t has to

o should

23. Have you _______ that computer for a long time?

o had

o been having

o have

o has

o being having

24. _______ going abroad on holiday?

o Do you like

o Are you liking

o Does you like

o Do like you

o Had you liked

He writes _______ carefully than his sister does.

o more

o most

o the most

o the more

o much

He _______ to do any work this evening.

o doesn’t need

o isn’t needing

o don’t need

o needs

o is needing

27. She’s been working with us _______ 2004.

o since

o for

o from

o when

o in

You _______ pay for museums in the UK as they are free.

o don’t have to

o mustn’t

o have to

o has to

o must

29. What time _______ out tonight?

o are you going

o do you go

o will you go

o will you be going

o did you go

The exam was easier _______ I thought.

o than

o as

o then

o so

o like

Choose the odd word out.

o prawns

o raw

o spicy

o fresh

o frozen

Choose the odd word out.

o frozen

o boiled

o roast

o fried

o grilled

Choose the odd word out.

o referee

o court

o track

o pool

o pitch

Choose the odd word out.

o height

o ponytail

o beard

o moustache

o eyebrows

Choose the odd word out.

o selfish

o sociable

o charming

o sensible

o generous

Choose the odd word out.

o helmet

o van

o lorry

o motorbike

o bicycle

Choose the odd word out.

o niece

o uncle

o nephew

o brother

o grandfather

Choose the odd word out.

o dish

o knife

o spoon

o fork

o glass

Choose the odd word out.

o manners

o text

o ring tone

o voice mail

o sms

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