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Weather was very nice today.

The full name of the UK is ...

A) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland.

b) Great Britain

c) British Isles

d) The United States of America

e) The United Great Britain

2. How many countries are there in Great Britain?

A) 4

b) 5

c) 2

d) 14

e) 51

3. What is the capital of the UK?

A) London

b) Cardiff

c) Washington

d) Astana

e) Paris

Is the flag of the UK.

A) Union Jack

b) Stars and stripes

c) The flowers

d) Union James

e) The sun and the stars

5. What is the capital of Scotland?

A) Edinburgh

b) Washington

c) Cardiff

d) Astana

e) Liverpool

6. There are four countries in the UK. They are: ......

A) England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland

b) Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff

c) Astana and Almaty

d) England, Scotland, Wales and Moscow

e) Scotland, Wales

7. Where is Great Britain situated?

A) on the British Isles

b) to the British Isles

c) in North America

d) in Kazakhstan

e) in Russia

8. What is the capital of Nothern Ireland?

A) Belfast

b) Cardiff

c) London

d) Astana

e) Edinburgh

9. What is the capital of Wales?

A) Cardiff

b) Belfast

c) London

d) Almaty

e) Canberra

The UK is a ...

A) constitutional monarchy

b) federal state

c) republic

d) federation

e) monarchy

11. How many houses are there in the English Parliament?

A) 2

b) 1

c) 3

d) 5

e) 10

12. English Parliament consists of two houses: ...

A) House of Lords and House of Commons

b) The Senate and House of Commons

c) The Senate and House of Lords

d) The Senate and Mazhilis

e) House of Lords and Mazhilis

13. What are the main political parties of Great Britain?

A) Liberal, Conservative and Labour

b) Nur Otan, Alash and Labour

c) Edinaya Rossia and Nur Otan

d) Asar and KPK

e) Republic and Nur Otan

14. Who is the head of Great Britain?

A) The Queen

b) The King

c) The president

d) The Prince

e) The Princess

15. What is the official language of the UK?

A) English

b) Kazakh

c) Russian

d) Uzbek

e) German

Is the official residence of the Queen Elizabeth II.

A) Buckingham Palace

b) White House

c) Ak Orda

d) The Kremlin

e) Westminister Palace

Is the head of the government in Great Britain.

A) Prime Minister

b) The President

c) The Duke

d) The Queen

e) The King

18. What is the address of the Prime Minister in London?

A) 10 Downing Street

b) 15 Downing Street

c) 11 Mametova Street

d) 5 Tauke Khan Street

e) 10 Boston Street

19. How many rooms are there in Buckingham Palace?

A) 600

b) 100

c) 15

d) 800

e) 650

Are the main rivers of England.

A) The Thames and The Severn

b) The Amazonka

c) The Nile and The Thames

d) The Lena and The Don

e) The Gudzon and The Nile

21. They … got an English class today.

A) have

b) has

c) is

d) are

e) was


22. We… got some English books at home.

A) have

b) has

c) had

d) is

e) are

23. He … got a lot of friends.

A) has

b) is

c) was

d) have

e) had

24. Mother … made a cake.

A) has

b) were

c) have

d) was

e) is

25. Paul and Mary … got two children, a boy and a girl.

A) have

b) was

c) were

d) has

e) had

26. A dog … four legs.

A) has

b) have

c) was

d) were

e) is

27. I … not got a camera

A) have

b) is

c) was

d) has

e) am

28. … your father got a car?

A) has

b) have

c) have

d) is

e) were

29. Mrs. Brown … got a nice house.

A) has

b) is

c) have

d) had


30. … you got any brothers or sisters?

A) have

b) has

c) is

d) was

e) were

31. Everybody likes Tom. He … many friends.

A) has got

b) is

c) have got

d) am

e) are

32. Jane wants to go to Moscow, but she … any money.

A) has not got

b) is not

c) have not got

d) were not

e) was not

weather was very nice today.

A) the

b) a

c) an

d) o

e) this

34. It … raining.

A) is

b) am

c) were

d) has

e) have

35. You cannot buy anything on Sunday in England. The shops … open.

a) aren’t

b) isn’t

c) hasn’t

d) haven’t

e) wasn’t

36. Ann … black hair.

A) has

b) were

c) have

d) was

e) is

37. Her hair …very beautiful.

A) is

b) are

c) were

d) have

e) has

38. I don’t like this book. It … interesting.

a) isn’t

b) were not

c) aren’t

d) am not

e) wasn’t

39. He can’t open the door, because he … the key.

a) hasn’t got

b) wasn’t

c) haven’t got

d) have

e) am not

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