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a) everywhere b) everyone c) no one d) somebody

A) much b)manyc) little d) few

How ____ cigarettes have you smoked?

A) much b) many c) little d) few

There is very ____ tea in the teapot. It’s not enough for us.

A) much b) many c) little d) few

Have you got ____ pictures? – Yes? I’ve got ______.

A) some/ a lot of b) much/ a lot c) any/ a lot d) many/ a lot of

Knows the right answers to the too easy questions.

a) everywhere b) everyone c) no one d) somebody



Present Simple\Present Continuous

1. Choose the RIGHT answer: a) Does your English get better? b) Is your English get better? c) Is your English getting better? d) Is your English geting better?

2. Which sentence is WRONG? a) “Where is Mark?” – He is having a shower. b) You work hard today c) The population of the world is increasing very fast. d) The café opens at 7 o’clock in the morning.

3. Nicky _________ giving up her job. a) thinks b) is thinking of c) does not think d) is not think

4. Choose the CORRECT sentence

a) Do you see that man over there? b) Are you seeing that man over there? c) Are you thinking my plan is good? d) Ann is not seem very happy at the moment.

5. Which sentence refers to future arrangement? a) He is always speaking about his problems. b) He is flying to Astana in an hour. c) I am living in a campus now. d) He is preparing for his exams these days.

6. Choose the CORRECT sentence. a) The train arrives at 7.30 in the morning every day. b) She is playing tennis every evening. c) You are not believing me d) She is believing me

7. Which sentence expresses our annoyance and criticism? a) They always play football with us. b) You are always ignoring my choice. c) You are always in good mood. d) You are so clever.

8. Sorry!? Could you repeat the last sentence? – Be careful! – I ________, the noise outside _________.

a) Am trying\disturbing b) am trying\is disturb c) am trying\is disturbing d) try\disturbs

9. Choose the RIGHT question. a) Does Mary and her baby in hospital? b)Is Mary and her baby in hospital ? c) Do Mary and her baby in hospital? d) Are Mary and her baby in hospital?

10. My mother always_______ me money to spend, but father ______.

a) give\ do not b) gives\does not c) give\ does not d) gives\not

11. Complete the sentence with right verbs. My sister __________ at university, but my brother__ ______ it. a) studyes\does not like b) studying\ does not like c) studies\ do not like d) studies\ does not like

12. Choose the CORRECT answer: What do your parents do? a) My mother is cooking and my father is a doctor. b) My mother works every day and father is repairing his car c) My mother is a cook and my father is a doctor. d) My mother is a housewife and my father is working.

13. Which of the following sentences refers to the FUTURE? a) He always drinks milk in the morning. b) My favorite program starts at 6.30 in the evening. c) She is cleaning her flat after guests left. d) It is raining outside, so I am at home.

14. Choose the CORRECT sentence. a) He goes rarely to the cinema b) I never take sugar in my coffee. c) Jim always is on time for work. d) Bob never can wake up early in the morning.

a) playes\he is not b) plays\he is not c) plays\he does not d) plays\ does

15. Choose the CORRECT sentence. a) I am in Paris now and I am loving this city. b) Everybody is likeing Paris. c) We does not like Paris d) They are thinking about Paris.



1. A type of software that collects information from your computer without your consent is called ________

a) spyware b) adware c) malware d) freeware

2. _________ is the virtual world of computer and the Internet.

a) Site b) Chat room c) Forum d) Cyberspace

3. The process of saving and transmitting data into a secret code is called _______.

a) decoding b) decryption c) encryption d) conversion

4. Software, created to damage computer data is called ________.

a) adware b) malware c) spyware d) freeware

5. Internet-based conflict involving politically motivated attacks on information and information systems is called cyber______

a) warfare b) crime c) hacking d) attack

6. ______ is an illegal way of getting money via e-mail by promising profits from investing in a business activity which does not really exist.

a) Piracy b) Scam c) Phishing d) Skimming

7. All of these are synonyms EXCEPT for:

a) encode b) encrypt c) code d) decipher

8. ______________ is a self-replicating computer virus that penetrates an operating system with the intent of spreading malicious code.

a) Virus b) Trojan horse c) Worm d) Logic bomb

9. All of these are synonyms EXCEPT for:

a) intruder b) invader c) hacker d) cracker

10. ________ is someone who invades a network’s privacy.

a) hacker b) invader c) cyber squatter d) user

11. A _______ is a software and/or hardware device that allows limited access to an internal network from the net.

a) protocol b) cookie c) firewall d) FireWire

12. Digital __________ is a file that identifies a user or a web server.

a) document b) certificate c) card d) signature

13. All of these are computer crimes EXCEPT for:

a) scam b) phishing c) piracy d) cyber warfare

14. Cyber_________ is the illegal use of the Internet, email, or other electronic communication systems to follow or threaten someone.

a) stalking b) surfing c) slacking d) loafing

15. To do something that is against a law or someone's legal right means to ______it.

a) copyright b) destroy c) break d) infringe on

16. To say false things about someone in order to damage his reputation means to _______.

a) accuse b) slander c) abuse d) harass

17. All of these go with the word “security” EXCEPT for:

a) hole b) flaw c) backdoor d) breach

18. _________ is a computer program that detects and records a variety of restricted information.

a) Sniffer b) Adware c) Malware d) Anti-spam

19. A computer program which must be physically copied is called a________.

a) worm b) Trojan horse c) virus d) logic bomb

20. There is infringement ____ privacy due to the development of social networks and other similar services.

a) with b) in c) at d) on


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