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I usually __ a sandwich for lunch. Have


28.A nurse is a person who ____people who are ill.Looks after

29.A party is a good place ____ people to meet

30.A pharmacy is a shop ____ you can buy medicineswhere

31.A pilot is a person ____flies a planewho

32.Adam asked me if I could ____ him money.Lend

33.Ann was very ______ tonight. Do you think sheís OK? quiet

34.Are you ___ forward to your birthday?Looking

35.Are you going ______ to Cuba? to go

36.Are you listening ____ me ?to

37.Argue ____ a friend.with

38.At midnight on December 31st, ________ give up smoking. do you go



39.Baseball isnít as _it was in the past. popular as

40.Be careful! The baby __ that pencil in her mouth!Is putting


41.Can you ___ me back the money I lent you? pay

42.Can you ____ a photo of us, please?take

43.Can you ____ a photo of us, please? take

44.Can you _____ me back the money I lent you? Pay


45.Did you ____ sightseeing in Paris?Go

46.didnít study ____I failed the exam.So

47.Digital cameras are easy ____.to use

48.Disposable nappies __ by a woman.Were invented

49.Do I ______ OK? look

50.Do you ____ much exercise?Do

51.Do you ______ much exercise? do

52.Do you mind _____ the cooking?doing

53.Donít _____ time doing things you donít enjoy.Waste

54.Donít _______ the channel. Iím watching that!change

55.Donít be so ___! Youíll have to wait.Impatient

56.Donít forget to write _____ me.to

57.Dream _____ an old house.About


58.Emma __him a letter two days ago.Wrote


59.Fiat cars _____ in Italy.Are made

60.Fiat cars _____ in Italy.Are made

61.For _____, you do this with the TV.Example


62.Has it stopped ______ yet?Raining

63.Has the film started ______?yet

64.Has your boss ___ shouted at you?ever

65.Have you _____ flown before?ever

66.Have you ever ____ Japanese food?Eaten

67.He ___ play football when he was young.used to

68.He _____ eat meat. Heís a vegetarian.Doesnít

69.He _____ rugby for a local team.Plays

70.He _____ the photograph. looked at

71.He ______ writing postcards. doesnít like

72.He didnít___to come to France with us.want

73.He got _ the bus and I waved good buy in

74.He has ___ washed his car. Itís clean.Just

75.He has an exam tomorrow, so he __ now. is studying

76.He looks much _____ with short hair.Better

77.He met his wife when he __ in Japan.Was working

78.He went to work without _____ breakfast. having

79.He wonít be happy if he _____ his driving test againfails

80.Her birthdayís _the 5th of Septemberon

81.Here are your boots. _____. Put them on

82.How ____ chocolate do you eat? much

83.How nice ____ you again.to see

84.How often ___ your mobile phone? do you use

85.How often _____ to the cinema ?do you go

86.How often ______ to the cinema? do you go


87.I __ enjoy school. In fact I hated it.didnít use to

88.I ___ in the park when it started raining.Was sitting

89.I ____ at the moment because Iím on holiday.Ďm not studying

90.I ____ divorced last year.got

91.I _____ a new car last week. bought

92.I _____ listen to him if I were youwouldnít

93.I _____ listen to him if I were you.Wouldnít

94.I _____ the gym on Tuesdays. often go to

95.I _____ when you phoned me.was driving

96.I ______ at the moment because Iím on holiday. Ďm not studying

97.I _______ Japanese very well.donít speak

98.I _______ my homework after every lesson. do

99.I _________ to Rome.Ďve never been

100. I ______walk home. Iíll get a taxi.Wonít

101. I __my homework after every lesson.do

102. I always _____ a suit to work. wear

103. I always _____ clothes in a shop before I buy them.try on

104. I always _____ my bed in the morning.make

105. I always _______ toast for breakfasthave

106. I can speak _______ .French

107. I canít drive. Neither ____ I.Can

108. I canít find my keys. Can you help me to ___them?look for

109. I didnít go out last night._____ Neither did I

110. I donít mind _up early in the morninggetting

111. I fell _ the steps and broke my arm.Down

112. I get ____ well with my brothers.On

113. I go to evening classes ____ French.To learn

114. I have _____ after my little sister.To look

115. I have been a manager _____ I left university. since

116. I have never _____ to Italy. been

117. I havenít written to Chris ______.yet

118. I hope we arrive ____ time.on

119. I need ______ English quickly.To learn

120. I never _____ with my brother. We have different views.Agree

121. I often go shopping __ the weekend. at

122. I often go shopping ___ the weekend. at

123. I promise. I _____late.Wonít be

124. I think itís ______ this evening.going to snow

125. I think the mountains are ________than the beach. more beautiful

126. I think they ____ buy a new car.Should

127. I think this is the __song on the CD. best

128. I usually ____ a sandwich for lunch. have

I usually __ a sandwich for lunch. Have

130. I usually drive to work because it ______ time.Saves

131. I was sitting in the office waiting _____ a phone call.for

132. I wouldnít do that if _______ you. I were

133. Iíd like to speak _____ the manager, please.to

134. Iíll _____ the washing up. do

135. Iíll call you if I _____ any news.hear

136. Iíll ring you tomorrow! I __ forget.Wonít

137. Iím ____ the weekend.Looking forward to

138. Iím _______ person in the world! the happiest

139. Iím ______than my brother. Younger

140. Iím cold. Iím going to __ a sweater.Put on

141. Iím going ____this jumper back to the shop. to take

142. Iím going to ______ this jumper back to the shop.Take

143. Iím hungry! I __ any breakfast this morning. didnít have

144. Iím hungry. ____make some toast.Iíll

145. Iím on diet so I shouldnít eat __ bread.Too much

146. Iím pregnant and _____ have a baby next summer.Iím going to

147. Iím sorry Iím late. I ___ the bus.Missed

148. Iím sorry, but I donít agree _ you.with

149. Iím sure _____ lose the match.Theyíll

150. Iím tired ____ grammar exercises. of doing

151. Iím younger ______ my sister. than

152. Iíve _____ been to Ireland.Never

153. Iíve _____ done the washing upalready

154. Iíve never ___ him in a suit and tie. seen

155. Iíve______ written five times!Already

156. If I had a car, I ____ to work.would drive

157. If I lost my job, I donít know what ____to do

158. If my sister _____ older, she would come to the party.were

159. If the shop is open, ____ some fruit.Iíll buy

160. If they ___ in five minutes, weíll go donít arrive

161. If you ___ time, will you help me ?have

162. If you ____ three wishes, what would you wish?Had

163. It has ______ snowed here before.never

164. It was a very expensive restaurant ________ the food wasnít very nice.But

165. Itís ______ in Italy than in Russia. hotter

166. Itís _______ to worried.Similar

167. Itís ____you feel when you have a lot of things to do.how

168. Itís a ______ which you use to talk.thing

169. Itís a _______ where you go when you want to buy something.place

170. Itís a _________ of machine.Kind

171. Itís a verb. You do it when you are thirsty.Drink

172. Itís dangerous __ here late at night.to walk

173. Itís dangerous ____ in the ocean.To swim

174. Itís very hot here. _____ your coat.Take off

175. Itís very late. They probably ____come now.Wonít


176. John _____ of the room and didnít come back.went out

177. Just a second. _____ have a look.Iíll


178. Let me pay you ___ the money you lent me.back

179. Letís _____ away for the holidays.Go

180. Linda ran to the station ____she was very late.because

181. Linda was very late _____ she ran to the station.So


182. Many people only work to _ money.Earn

183. Mike phoned. Heís going _________ you back in an hour. to call

184. Mike phoned. Heís going to _____ you back in an hour.call

185. My brother ______ the dog for a walk in the evening.takes

186. My brotherís daughter is my ____ niece

187. My dogís not dangerous. He _____doesnít bite

188. My mum doesnít like ____ to work.Driving

189. My mum doesnít like _____ to work.Driving

190. My sister _____ judo twice a week. does

191. My sister _____ my mother.looks like

192. My sisterís son is my _____nephew


193. Paul left work an hour ____. ago

194. Peter promised _____ me .to help

195. Please _____ the TV and concentrate on your homework! turn off

196. Please donít ____ your bag on the floor!Leave

197. Radio newsreaders speak more ______ than before. Quickly


198. Say Ďpleaseí. You have to be more __polite

199. She ______ off her boots.Put

200. She ______ to school today because sheís ill.Didnít go

201. She ______a long holiday when she finishes university.Ďs going to have

202. She always ______before she has breakfast in the morning.gets dressed

203. She hardly ______ travels abroad. ever

204. She needs to _ more time studying.spend

205. Sheís _____swimmer in the class. the best

206. Sheís the person ___ works with me.Who

207. Simon __ a karate lesson right now.is having

208. Simon _____ at work yesterday. wasnít

209. Speak _____ your teacher.To


210. Take a map because you __ get lost.might

211. The ______TV at the moment.Ďre watching

212. The beach looks beautiful _____ it was too crowded.Although

213. The bus was so ___ I couldnít move.Crowded

214. The cat ran _____ the road.across

215. The children played _ in the garden. Happily

216. The opposite of catch (a bus) is ___miss

217. The opposite of clean is _____.polluted

218. The opposite of empty is _______.crowded

219. The opposite of extrovert is _____shy

220. The opposite of generous is _____mean

221. The opposite of learn is _______teach

222. The opposite of leave is _______arrive

223. The opposite of lend is _____borrow

224. The opposite of noisy is ______quiet

225. The opposite of pull is ______push

226. The opposite of remember is ____forget

227. The opposite of rude is ________.polite

228. The opposite of win is _______lose

229. The psychoanalyst was talking _____ dreams.About

230. The traffic is _____ than it was. worse

231. They ____ pizza. They had pasta.Didnít have

232. They _____ for us when we arrived.Were waiting

233. They ______ early on Sundays. donít get up

234. They _______ pizza. They had pasta.Didnít have

235. They ________ TV at the moment.are watching

236. They always argue ___ each other.with

237. They met ___ 7 p.m.at

238. Think ______ something.about

239. Think __his offerĖitís a good one.about

240. This is _____ interesting book. an

241. This is ______ city in the world. the noisiest

242. This is ______ film Iíve ever seen. the best

243. Timís ____football player I know. the worst

244. Tower Bridge goes __ River Thames.Over


245. Wait ________ a bus.For

246. We ____ to Rome then we drove to Florence.Flew

247. We _____ a bigger house if we had more money. would buy

248. We _____ to France last summer.went

249. We ______ to France last summerwent

250. We ___to San Francisco last August. flew

251. We had lunch _____ the balcony on

252. We have studied English _____ three years. for

253. We should hurry or weíll ____ the bus.Miss

254. We stopped at a petrol station ≠≠≠_____ some petrol. to get

255. We wanted to visit the museum _______ we couldnít find it on the map. but

256. Weíll ____ time if we go on the motorway. save

257. Weíve been in this house ___ May.since

258. What __ she do if she lost her job? would

259. What ___ she do if she lost her job? would

260. What _____ tomorrow afternoon?Are you going to do

261. What _____ you looking at?are

262. What ______about last night?did you dream

263. What __you doing yesterday at 7.30?were

264. What _doing when you phoned him? was he

265. What are you going _ this weekend?To go

266. What are you thinking ____ now?about

267. What dress did you _____ to go to the party?Wear

268. What kind of music do _____? you listen to

269. When _____ British banks open and close?do

270. When _____ Elvis born ?was

271. When ______ the woman born? was

272. When _______ university ? did you leave

273. When I took the photo you ______ looking at me.Werenít

274. When was this church ______? built

275. Where _____ she go last summer ?did

276. Where _____ you born? were

277. Where _____ your parents live?do

278. Where ______ go next summer?are you going to

279. Where do you ______? live

280. Which supermarket ______ you usually shop at?do

281. Who ___ your favorite song? wrote

282. Who ___ your favourite actors? are

283. Who _____ at the party yesterday?did you talk to

284. Who _____ with?do you live

285. Who ______ your favorite actors?are

286. Who do you usually agree _____ in your family?with

287. Will you please stop _____ that noise! making

288. Write a letter ______ a penfriend. To


289. You ______ your mother when she was young.look like

290. You _______ cold if you go without a coat. Ďll get

291. You donít need an umbrella. It ____ isnít raining

292. You havenít done the washing up _ yet

293. Your car is _______ than mine. more expensive


294. -_____ was Queenís first concert?

- In London Where

295. -__________ was it?

-In 1972. When

296. -______ top ten hits did they have?

-Twenty fourHow many

297. -______ happened in 1991?

-Freddie Mercury died.What

298. -_________ is their music still popular?

-Because Queen wrote good songs.Why

299. -I canít do this exercise.

-Donít worry. I ____ help you.Ďll

300. -_____ you be able to come to the meeting tomorrow?

-Yes, I think so.Will

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