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Letter writing practice


Exercise 1 Write a covering letter to NTG Industries suiting the draft contract as enclosure.

NTG is an English firm located in Edinburgh, Mortimer Street, 101. Ask the firm to consider the draft and to make the necessary alterations.


Exercise 2 You are sending samples of cotton fabrics to Alexiou Textile Company in Greece. The company's address is 162 Omonia Square. Athens. Write a covering letter.


Exercise 5


Q. Simonov T. Gupta

General Director Manager

Russian Hotel Gopal Traders Ltd


36 Pokrovsky Blvd. 23 Chittaranijan Road

Moscow 118306 Madras

Russian Federation India

Russian Hotel has orders for Indian spices and nuts from several first-class hotels in Moscow. Write an enquiry for Russian Hotel to Gopal Traders Ltd. of India along these lines:


1) Introduce your firm. Russian Hotel is a trading organisation engaged in importing different products (often foodstuffs) for their client including a number of first-class hotels in Moscow.


2) Say that you wish to know what kinds of spices and nuts Gopal Traders Ltd. have to offer.


3) Ask the Indian firm to send you some brochures and price lists.


4) Express hope in establishing close business relations with the firm.


5) Do not forget to properly sign your letter.



Exercise 6



Mr. G. Brentsin Mr. R. Stone

Manager Manager

Pencil Group Ltd. Fortune Estate Ltd.





157 Patpong Road 12 Junction Mews

Bangkok Sales place

Thailand London W2 IPN

United Kingdom


Pencil Group Ltd. plans to open an office in London. Help Mr. G. rents in to write a request to Fortune Estate Ltd. Here are some suggestions:


FAX Dale 09/02/98 .

N umber f pages including coversheet

TO: Simon Clark From: Richard Shark

GLSP Corporation Concord International

Phone 44 171 455 6788 Phone 44181342 77b 65

Fax Phone 44 171 455 6787 Fax Phone 44 181 342 77b 65




REMARKS: Urgent For your review Reply ASAP Please Conmen



Dear Mr. Clark.


Thank you for your fax dated 11.02.98

Concerning our mutual project I would like to obtain more information regarding your company's ISO 9000 certification: Accreditation Body, date of accreditation, registration number. Your prompt response will be appreciated.

I hope for a fruitful cooperation.

Yours sincerely.


Richard Shark

Deputy General Director



Letters Message letter 1 letter 2 letter 3 letter'%
Exercise 7 Think over and write four business letters, considering the basic rules and the requirements given below.
Acknowledge the receipt of... the letter of... the cable dated... the telex of... he invitation dated ...
Thank your correspondent for... the information about... the request for the draft-documents the proposal to negotiate a loan of money for ... the invitation to attend the meeting of...
Express your opinion of... the adequacy of the information about... the possibility of introducing changes into the- d raft-documents the consequences of... the expedience of accepting or turning down the invitation
Inquire about your correspondent's opinion about further details of relevant information ... the terms of payment, interest rate, the expiry date... the redemption of the loan ... the subject-metter of the meeting
Offer your recommendations how to... make use of the acquired information... stipulate your right of claim profit by the loan ... contribute to the success of die meeting and settle the matter
(Once again) thank your correspondent for... the duly received information... the assistance and support in competence and experience in the arrangement of the meeting...
Give your promise to extend cooperation with... act in partnership with... put up the loan exercise pressure on the participants ...




Business Letter


Task 1

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