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Study and plans for the future

This school year is very important for us, because we must decide what to do after leaving school. There are different ways for us to choose. Those who like technique can become engineers and work in the field of industry. Those who like nature can become agronomists and work in agriculture, school-leavers who want to work directly with people may become doctors and teachers.

Many young people follow the examples of their parents and choose their professions. I think it is not bad, as they know these professions better. There are school-leavers who choose only modern professions such as economists and lawyers. I donít think that it is bad, but nowadays there are a lot of economists and lawyers and it is not easy for them to find work.

So the main thing for us is to choose our future profession correctly to satisfy our own fasts and needs and to work with the best results.

As for me, I want to be an expert in foreign relations (diplomat), but it is very difficult to enter the university, there I can study foreign relations. Thatís why, most likely, I will have to become an economist, it is not bad profession and I try to get at once two specialties: marketing and finances and credit.



1. What would you like to do after school? Was it your own decision?

2. Who helped you to make your decision?

3. Have you tried a part-time or summer job to find out what interests you most of all?

4. What professions are in demand now?

5. What are advantages and disadvantages of your future profession/job?

6. Which of your personal characteristics will help you to succeed in your career?

7. Which qualities of your character would you like to develop? Why?

8. Those who chose their career correctly are really happy, arenít they?


6. Read and translate the text:



I am not sure what I'm going to do with myself when I leave school. Some people think that it is an advantage to choose a job at school because it enables you to study necessary subjects and become proficient in them. However, there is also a sense of choosing a career at school. It can help you make the right decision, which is suitable in your abilities. Some people begin to work a few years before entering higher education, because they want to have time to think over their choice. As a rule, people who go on to higher education after working have a clear idea of their future profession.

When deciding your future career you must be realistic about your interests and abilities. For example, if you want to choose medicine as your future profession you must be good at science, be patient, be attentive to people and have a strong desire to serve them.

Knowledge of a foreign language and foreign culture is growing in importance nowadays. It's interesting and useful.

Actually I try to choose a field what I want to do in the future. While growing, I was interested probably in all professions. When I was little I wanted to be a policeman, then a teacher like my mother. I wanted to be a teacher for a long time. I don't have any patience. The teacher must possess some special qualities such as truthfulness, kindheartedness and intelligence.

Nowadays my dream is to become a doctor. Although my parents disagree with my ambition they doubt it is not suitable for me.

Some people see it as a difficult and stressful job while others think it is a rewarding and interesting career. Whatever your views, there is no doubt that working as a doctor is a demanding job with many advantages and disadvantages.

There are several arguments in favour of being a doctor. First of all, it is a rewarding job, as doctors help sick and injured people to recover. Furthermore, doctors are rarely out of work, as there is always demand for people to treat the sick and injured.

However, there are many disadvantages of working as a doctor. Firstly, it is a tiring job, because they work shifts and often work at night. In addition, being a doctor can be depressing, as they often see people suffering.

I believe that, although being a doctor can be difficult at times, it is worth it. It is rewarding to help people recover from sickness or injury. Anyway, whatever happens I am going to have to get down to some hard work if I want to achieve my aims.


Discussing in pairs topics related to the theme:

1. Which job do you find more interesting? Why?

2. Who helped you to make your decision?

3. What would you do if your parents objected to your choice of career?

4. Do you think students get enough help from their school in order to choose a suitable career?

5. Would you go on working if you had your own family?

6. Those who chose their career correctly are really happy, aren't they?

7. What should everyone keep in mind when choosing a career?

8. Which jobs do you think are more important? Why?

9. What is more important to you, fame or money?


What career would you like to pursue when you finish school?

Which of your personal characteristics will help you to succeed in your career?


What career are you going to choose? I have heard this question many times during my school years. It's difficult for me to give a definite answer. As thinking about your future career you think about your future. So, choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in our life. I've changed my mind many times about each science. I think I'll specialize in computer study (Information Technology).

There are a lot of different jobs in the world and you should find out more about them. There are a lot of ways to do it. You can go to the library and read different books or you can talk to your parents who do different jobs. Many new jobs appear every year and they give you a lot of new opportunities.

There are several factors that influence the decision of young people to make their choice. They concern material and spiritual aspects of the future profession. It is generally believed that professions should be both prestigious and interesting.

The material aspect indicates the level of the society's values. Prestigious jobs give you a chance to enter a new social level in the society. Besides your future (career) profession should bring you satisfaction.

Most of the people want their children to follow their professions, but as for me I don't think I will. My mother works as a teacher and you can see advantages and disadvantages of this profession. It is a nervous, badly-paid profession. You have little free time, because you are always busy checking the exercise-books of your pupils. But you can teach your own son or daughter, you can help your children with the subjects you teach. And, of course to become a teacher you should be patient, kind, intelligent, well-educated, persistent and a little stubborn.

School also helps you to choose your future career, because it enables you to choose necessary subjects and become proficient in them. And you can choose a career suitable to your abilities and interests. While studying you can see in what subjects you are good at and you can choose the sphere in which to apply your knowledge and to connect your future profession. You can also ask your teacher for advice.

As for me, I want to connect my future profession with computers. I want to become a computer programmer, because I like computers and I am interested in how computer programs work. Besides, I have an aptitude for working with figures and solving mathematical programs. Algebra is one of my favourite subjects and I am really good at it. So I think I can work in a scientific or computational field. As far as my personal qualities are concerned I can say that I'm creative and hard-working. I have good logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Besides, I'm rather communicative and like to work in a team. So I feel I can become a good specialist in programming.

In my opinion the profession of a programmer has a lot of advantages. It is a highly paid job and it can give you many opportunities. I will be able to work on the full range of development activities such as analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation. Computing is the most rapidly changing sphere of modern technology. The next generation of computers will be able to talk and even to think. We are living in the age of information. And I think that the future will be just filled with the computers. Today, computers are connected with English - the international language. You can also communicate with other people through the Internet; you can search for up-to-date information for exams, word processing, writing articles and essays. Many students find computer an invaluable home tutor in practising tests and difficult material on various subjects. And of course if you want to relax you can play both intellectual and entertaining games.

But to make a good specialist in computing, you should know a lot of programming languages and application programmes. So after finishing school it is necessary for me to enter a university or an institute to study computer science.

I think that middle paid and not nervous job is more important for me than a nervous, well paid job, because first of all you should think about your health.

There is a saying, "If you don't think about the future you don't have one." I agree with it even if you don't know what profession you choose you must feel that it is your vocation in life and you are useful to your country because choosing a career and getting a job are two of the most important things any person does in the future.


Discussing in pairs topics related to the theme:

1. Do qualifications necessarily lead to a successful career?

2. Which is more important, money or job satisfaction? Why?

3. Which is better, a low stress job with low pay or a stressful highly paid job? Why?

4. Apart from pay, how might you encourage people to work hard?

5. Would you be interested in an academic career? Why/Why not?

6. Which of jobs are dangerous?

7. Which of jobs do you need to be well-qualified to do?

8. Do you think women have the same career opportunities as men?

9.Is it easy for a woman to combine career and family obliga≠tions?

10. Do you think there are jobs that should be done only by men? Why / Why not?




1. Fill in the correct word.

profession job career occupation

1. Her ____________ as a dancer came to an end when she broke her leg.

2. My father has been unable to find a ________ for the past two years.

3. You must write your name, age and ________ on the application form.

4. Peter is a doctor by _________, and has his own practice in Brighton.

5. Julia got a _________ soon after she left school.

6. Although she is a lawyer by ________, she knows little about criminal law.

7. She started her __________ as an actress at the age of 18.

8. He has applied for several _________ but hasn't got .one yet.


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