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Apple Computer Education Consultant 1995 - 2001

International Relations Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Mentor

Following a tragic scuba diving accident in 1995, “Sveno” became a blind quadriplegic. In defying medical explanation, Sveno not only made a miraculous recovery, but through the experience, discovered talents and gifts that he uses to connect and inspire youth around the world. He has maintained a successful dual track career of both civilian and military service, spanning across four continents and including Fortune 500 corporate culture, an entrepreneur in small businesses and government service. Sveno is an award winning photographer, business owner, servant leader and featured speaker at seminars, conferences and schools around the world.


US Embassy / International Relations 2010 to Present

Bilateral Affairs Officer at the US Embassy Ukraine, serving as the lead program manager for Humanitarian Assistance, International Security Cooperation, Military to Military engagement, International HIV/AIDS intervention and State Partnership Program(SPP) for California and Ukraine.

US Army / International Relations 2008 to 2010

Black Sea region specialist for the State Partnership Program serving US European Command and NATO. Specific duties included international relations with former soviet republics and developing military mentor teams to serve with the Afghan Army in support of the International Security Force Afghanistan (ISAF).

Ignite For Schools 2005 to 2008

Owner, Leadership Coach, Education consultant serving K12 schools across the US teaching leadership, mentoring and character. Developed peer to peer student intervention programs to impact school attendance and academic achievement. Motivational speaker for schools, camps and seminars serving teens across the USA.

US Army / Operation Iraqi Freedom + 2001 to 2005

Military Liaison to Iraqi Governing officials in Balad region. Served as the base Communications Officer and Public Affairs Officer. Served 6 months as the 18 Airborne Corps Medical Liaison Officer at the US Military Hospital in Germany. Attended and completed the US Army Advanced Engineer school. Arizona officer in charge (OIC) of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Apple Computer Education Consultant 1995 - 2001

Achieved a career average105% annual quota attainment over 12 years. Established vital relationships with senior institutional decision makers. Researched and collaborated with districts to imp rove technology curriculum integration. Delivered professional development training for educators that inspired internet integration and creativity in the classroom. Fostered international curriculum projects between schools of many nations.

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