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Hands-on workshops help students to immerse in Moroccan culture through learning arts and crafts and practicing their language skills at the same time.

Moroccan cooking club (bi-weekly) is a special chance for students to learn how to make some of the most famous Moroccan dishes. Language of instruction is Arabic!

Arabic calligraphy workshop (twice a week) is a fantastic experience for artistically inclined students. Try yourself in the fascinating art of writing and discover different styles of Arabic calligraphy!

Guest lectures

We regularly invite professors of major educational institutions of Morocco (University Mohammed V, Univesity Ibn Tofail, University Alakhawayn, Dar al Hadith) in order to satisfy students’ interest in the fields of politics, religion, culture and history of Morocco. Guest speakers give lectures in English or Arabic and create educational roundtable discussions.

Weekend Trips

Qalam wa Lawh regularly organizes weekend trips to all major destinations within Morocco. Some of them are:

Fes, Meknes, Volubilis. During this trip you will see two of Morocco’s ancient capitals: Fes and Meknes, and will discover the archeological site of Volubilis that features the best preserved Roman ruins in this part of North Africa. Fes, the cultural capital of Morocco is most famous with its ancient medina, a UNESCO world heritage site, that is believed to be the world’s largest car-free urban area, and Al Karaouine, the oldest university in the world. It is also a center of famous Moroccan crafts, like zellij (mosaics), ceramics, wood-carving and others, where you can watch their production in real life.

Northern Excursion: Tanger and Chefchaouen. You will visit the unique city of Tanger, Morocco’s gate to Europe and crossroads of cultures and civilizations, stroll down the streets of its old medina, visit the Kasbah, drink a tea in the legendary café Hafa with magnificent view on the strait of Hibraltar. A small charming city of Chefchaouen has the prettiest blue and white medina in Morocco . It’s a true living postcard! During this trip you will enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Rif mountains, Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, visit Hercules caves and see the meeting point of the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

Marrakech and Essaouira. Visit the most popular touristic destination of Morocco – the red city of Marrakech, with its famous Jemaa el Fna square (UNESCO world heritage site), its museums, palaces and gardens, and take a rest from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech in the peaceful charmy coastal city of Essaouira.

Merzouga (desert trip). The desert trip is probably the most exciting impression that you can get in Morocco! Take a camel ride deep in the magnificent sand dunes of Merzouga, see the desert sunset and starry sky, dance and sing with bedouines beside the campfire, spend a night in bedouine tent, feel the eternity as you watch the sunrise in the silence of dunes.

NB! These trips are not included in the price of immersion programs!

Welcome to Qalam wa Lawh!

[1] Immersion courses are group courses that include tutoring and participation in all scheduled cultural activities (excursions, workshops, lectures …). If less than three students register for a particular immersion group course, the group course will be changed to a semi-private course. In this case, the cost and content of the course will remain the same but the hours will be reduced by 50%.

[2] USD and Euro amounts will vary based on actual exchange rate. Approximate amounts shown are based on 1 USD = 8.5 MAD, 1 EURO = 11 MAD)

[3] Evening courses take place from 16h15 to18h15 or from 18h30 to 20h30 once or twice per week.

[4] Private courses have a maximum of 8 students and a maximum of 600 Dh/hour

[5] USD and Euro amounts will vary based on actual exchange rate. Approximate amounts shown are based on 1 USD = 8.5 MAD, 1 EURO = 11 MAD)

[6] Discounts may not be combined. Maximum discount is 15%.

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