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V. On the Plantation.

Edward (sleep) for an hour. When he (wake up), he saw two women sitting by his bed. One of them (have) long black hair and large beautiful eyes. It was Aurore. The other woman was Eugenie. “I (be) so happy that you (be) much better,” Eugenie (say). “I am thankful to you that you (save) my life.” “The doctor (say) you soon (be) well again.” The two women (go) away. Edward (lie) in his bed thinking about them. He (understand) that Eugenie was only a good friend to him. But Aurore! His feelings (say) that he (fall) in love with her.


VI. On a Train.

It was Sunday. The suburban trains (overcrowd). A gentleman (walk) along the platform. He (look) for a place. Suddenly he (see) a vacant seat in one of the compartments. A small bag lay on that seat and a well-dressed gentleman (sit) beside it. “Is this seat vacant?” (ask) the gentleman. “No it (occupy) by my friend, he (come) in a minute. He (go) to buy cigarettes.” “Well,” (say) the gentleman, “I (sit) here till he (come).” Ten minutes (pass). “Your friend (miss) the train if he (not to hurry),” the gentleman (say). “Yes,” nervously (reply) the other. The train started, but nobody (come). “Your friend (be) late,” said the gentleman, “but let him not lose his bag at least,” and with these words he (take) the bag and (throw) it out of the window. The well-dressed gentleman (try) to catch the bag but it (be) too late. It (be) his own bag and he (occupy) the second seat because he (want) to be comfortable.


VII. Pleasing Everybody.

Since an old man and his son wanted to sell their donkey at the town market far away from their home, they had to take the animal to the town. They hardly (leave) their home when a neighbour called to them. “Why you (walk) when you have a donkey?” he asked. The old man (put) his son on the donkey while he continued to lead. They (be) about halfway to town when three women standing by the side of the road scolded the boy. “You should be ashamed of yourself, riding when your father (have) to walk,” one of the women said. “You (be) right, I guess,” the old man said. “Let me get on behind you, son.” They almost (reach) the town when a group of villagers began laughing at them. “You should be carrying that poor beast, instead of making him carry both of you.” So the old man and his son (get down) and (tie) the animal to a pole so that they (can) carry it. But as they (cross) the bridge near the marketplace, the donkey (kick) loose from the pole and (fall) into the stream and (drown). “Our donkey (be) dead now, and it should teach us,” the old man said sadly to his son. “If we hadn’t tried to please everybody our donkey would have been alive,” he added. “Whenever we try to please everyone, we (lose).”


VIII. A Letter.

Dear David, I (write) this letter to you to keep you updated as to what we (do). When we (speak) last month I was working at Mountain bell. Since then I (start) my own business. Basically, this is why I am writing. I (excite) about the growth that we (experience). In fact, we (expand) this programme since the very beginning and we (reach) 20,000 dollars per month. David, I have no idea if you (satisfy) with your standard of living. I also (not know) if you (pay) at present what you are worth, but this opportunity (give) us everything we ever (dream) about. I fully (understand) that this opportunity (not be) for everyone. But you (be) just the person to work in this program. Please, study the information we already (send) to you and the details we (send) in this letter. Please, give us a call so that we can answer any questions that you (have) after you have studied everything. If we didn’t think of you as of an ideal candidate for this programme, we wouldn’t have sent you this information. We (look) forward to hearing from you in the nearest future. All the best, Chris Edersberg.


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