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Test 3. Write should or the correct form of have to in the gaps.

Test 1. Rephrase the following situations using an appropriate modal verb.

1. I advise you to stop eating chocolate. You _________ stop eating chocolate. 2. I insist that you do your homework. You _________ do your homework. 3. Will you let me speak to David, please? _________ I speak to David, please? 4. She can hear you well enough. You _________ shout. 5. Talking is not permitted during the test. You _________ talk during the test. 6. It isnít right to speak to your mother like that. You _________ speak to your mother like that. 7. It isnít possible for him to come to the party. He _________ come to the party. 8. He is obliged to go to the police station once a week. He _________ to go to the police station once a week. 9. Itís forbidden to feed the animals in the Zoo. You _________ feed the animals in the Zoo. 10. It isnít necessary to dust the furniture. You _________ dust the furniture. 11. Would you mind if I read your book? _________ I read your book? 12. Perhaps theyíll come with us. They _________ come with us. 13. Would you mind if I use your glasses? _________ I use your glasses? 14. Letís try doing this exercise. _________ we try doing this exercise? 15. He can do it himself. Why _________ he ask anybody for help? 16. Perhaps, she will phone them today. She _________ phone them today. 17. Why donít you go to the sea for a holiday? You _________ go to the sea for a holiday. 18. Would you like me to help you with the dishes? _________ I help you with the dishes? 19. It isnít right to argue with your parents. You _________ argue with your parents. 20. Perhaps, she is asleep now. She _________ be asleep now.


Test 2. Choose the correct modal verb.

1. Mike _________ play the piano very well. And what about you?

a) can b) should c) must

2. I _________ skate when I was little.

a) canít b) couldnít c) mustnít

3. We _________ hurry. Weíve got plenty of time.

a) canít b) neednít c) must

4. _________ you help me with this task?

a) Could b) Must c) May

5. Iím sorry Iím late. _________ I come in?

a) Must b) Should c) May

6. _________ you speak any foreign languages?

a) Can b) Should c) May

7. Itís raining. You _________ take an umbrella.

a) canít b) donít have to c) should

8. Iím afraid I _________ come to the party on Friday.

a) can b) canít c) may

9. You _________ go there at once. Itís really very urgent.

a) donít have to b) neednít c) must

10. When I was young, I _________ run for miles.

a) could b) must c) should

11. Ď _________ I smoke here?í ĎNo, you mustnít.í

a) Must b) May c) Should

12. Ď _________ I translate this sentence?í ĎNo, you neednít.í

a) Can b) May c) Must

13. I looked everywhere for the book but I _________ find it.

a) couldnít b) mustnít c) shouldnít

14. You _________ drive carefully on a busy road.

a) can b) may c) should

15. Thereís nothing I _________ do about it.

a) can b) may c) donít have to

16. Schools _________ teach children the difference between right and wrong.

a) canít b) mustnít c) must

17. I donít feel well today. _________ I leave a bit earlier?

a) Should b) May c) Must

18. That _________ be true! Itís absolutely impossible.

a) canít b) must c) neednít

19. Yesterday I stayed at home because I _________ help my father.

a) must b) had to c) can

20. You _________ use my dictionary as long as you like.

a) must b) have to c) may


Test 3. Write should or the correct form of have to in the gaps.

1. Nurses _________ know how to give people injections. 2. You _________ eat more fruit and vegetables. 3. _________ you _________ travel abroad in your job? 4. Tom is ill, he _________ see his doctor. 5. Iím sorry I couldnít come to your party. I _________ work late. 6. You _________ try to phone your father this weekend. 7. I hope you donít _________ go home early. 8. Mike is a teacher. He _________ teach different kinds of students. 9. I think Patrick _________ be more polite to his sister! 10. Do I _________ wash up again? 11. A postman _________ get up early every day. 12. I didnít like the job because I _________ wear a uniform. 13. He ignores me. What _________ I do? 14. I am free on Saturday because I _________ work at the weekend. 15. You look tired. You _________ go to bed now. 16. I think the government _________ do more to help homeless people. 17. He _________ wear a suit to work but he usually does. 18. Last night Don suddenly became ill. We _________ call a doctor. 19. Caroline may _________ go away next week. 20. You _________ read this book. Itís really excellent.


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