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Turn each direct-speech statement into Reported Speech with tense changes.

1) “I have something to tell you,” he said to her.

2) “I’m going away this week, mother,” he said.

3) “It’s a pity you didn’t bring your camera with you,” she said.

4) “I’ll try to remember everyone’s name,” she said.

5) “We have brought some food with us,” they said.

6) “I can’t remember the accident very clearly,” he told the policeman.

7) “Natasha is a good violinist,” he admitted.

8) “I’ve got hardly any money left,” he told us.

9) “I’m getting quite hungry,” he complained to us.

10) “ I think Egypt is a fascinating country,” she said.

11) “Trevor gave up playing football years ago,” she said.

12) “The United Nations was established to settle conflicts peacefully,” he said.

13) “I’m trying to calculate how much money I’ve spent,” he said to me.

14) “Our lawyers will draw up a new contract,” he told me.

15) “What I really need is a long holiday,” she said.

8. Yesterday you met a friend of yours, Martha. Here are some of the things Martha said to you:

1) I’m living in London now.

2) My father isn’t very well.

3) Sharon and Paul are getting married next month.

4) Margaret has had a baby.

5) I don’t know what Fred is doing.

6) I saw Helen at the party in June and she seemed fine.

7) I haven’t seen Diana recently.

8) I’m not enjoying my job very much.

9) You can come and stay at my flat if you are ever in London.

10) My car was stolen a few weeks ago.

11) I want to go on holidays but I can’t afford it.

12) I’ll tell Ann I saw you.

Later that day you tell another friend what Martha said. Use Reported Speech.

1) Martha said that she was living in London now.

2) She said that …… .

3) She …… .

4) …… .

9. Somebody says something to you which is opposite of what they said before. Write a suitable answer beginning with I thought you said….

1) A: That restaurant is expensive.

B: Is it? I thought you said it was cheap.

2) A: Ann is coming to the party tonight.

B: Is she? I thought you said she …… .

3) A: Ann likes Paul.

B: Does she? I thought …… .

4) A: I know lots of people.

B: Do you? I thought you said …… .

5) A: I’ll be here next week.

B: Will you? …… .

6) A: I’m going out this evening.

B: Are you? …… .

7) A: I can speak a little French.

B: Can you? …… .

8) A: I haven’t been to the cinema for ages.

B: Haven’t you? …… .

9) A: John has given up his job.

B: Has he? …… .

10) A: I want to go to New York next year.

B: Do you? …… .

11) A: Peter and Judy are planning to get married.

B: Are they? …… .

12) A: My salary is very low.

B: Is it? …… .

13) A: I go to work by tube.

B: Do you? …… .

14) A: He prefers Mary.

B: Does he? …… .


Convert into Reported Speech.

1) The general said: “I want to consult you, Lionel. It’s about my boy, Hubert.”

2) The old man said, “I had to go in the cave, son.”

3) “My father is a preacher,” Isaak said, “so I have read my Bible.”

4) “Hans,” said Miller, “I will give you my wheel-barrow.”

5) “Well,” cried Pinch, “you are the strangest young man, Martin, I ever knew in my life.”

6) “Very well, then,” said my friend’s wife, rising, “all I have to say is, that I shall take the children and go to a hotel, until these cheeses are eaten. I decline to live any longer in the same house with them.”

7) “Maurice,” she said, “I’ve just telephoned to the doctor.”

8) “I will ring when I need you,” she said to the maid.

9) “Boy,” the lieutenant said, “if you aren’t careful you’ll be ordered off this mountain.”

10) “A clever accountant like me, and a man who is honest and industrious, can always get work,” Jean said.


Look at the extract from the interview 1 and the following report of it. Then write your own report of the next interviews.

Interview 1

“…It’s not what people think it is. I mean, you would, all you do is, you do all the dirty jobs, you have to clean people’s boots, you have to pick up their kit, wash out the bathrooms, scrub the floors, it’s – things like that. Paint walls. We were doing that sort of thing…”


He said that life for a young professional football player wasn’t what people thought it was. All they did was the dirty jobs: they had to clean people’s boots, pick up their kit, wash out the bathrooms, scrub the floors, paint walls and things like that…


Interview 2

“… Some of the travelling isn’t too-too good. I mean, going up on a Friday night and staying in a hotel. It’s all right, but it’s not – you know, I mean, it takes you away from your family and your kids a little bit. Sometimes travelling can be very monotonous. I mean, that’s a thing you have to put up with, but I think certain things you have to do in travelling are very boring…”

Report…. She said that…

Interview 3

“…Actually imprisonment doesn’t do any good, it doesn’t deter crime, it doesn’t stop crime, doesn’t deter people from committing a crime, and it costs society a lot of money to keep them there, between three and four hundred pounds a week… What deters people from committing crimes is the thought that they are actually going to get caught. Only about 15% of crimes are cleared in Britain. That means 85% of the crimes that are committed are not cleared up. So people think they are not going to get caught…”

Report… He said that…

Interview 4

“…I think that although some lip-service is paid to prison being rehabilitative, that actually it is a straight punishment. By and large in prison you sit and mark time, you have lost your job, you may well lose your family, you may well lose your accommodation while you are there, and you quite frequently come out knowing a lot more about how to break the law, and with a lot less reason not to do it again, because you’ve lost all the other things in the community that keep you from doing it in the first place, so I actually have a fairly negative view overall of what prison does…”

Report… He said that…


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UNIT 3 REPORTED STATEMENTS | Rewrite each of these questions in Reported Speech. Start with the words given, and make any additions you need.
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