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Your head most of the time. But some people relish that;

it's really ideal work for someone who doesn't shy away

From a challenge.

Thomas: Is there any advice you can give me at this point in

my career, Mr Sanderson?

Mr Sanderson: Well, if you're really that interested, then I'd

Advise you to join a professional organisation. You should

Consider applying for student membership in R3 - the main

Insolvency practitioner organisation representing the

Profession. They provide courses, hold conferences, publish

Journals and newsletters, and things like that. You can learn

a good deal about the profession. And it's a great way to do

some networking while you're still at university.

Thomas: Thanks for the tip. Sounds like a good idea. I've got

another question, Mr Sanderson, if you don't mind. I know

That insolvency practitioners have to be licensed. And to get

licensed, you have to pass an exam, don't you? How

difficult is the exam?

Mr Sanderson: Ah, yes, the Joint Insolvency Examination. Not

An easy exam, by any means. But there are preparation

courses to help you get through all the material. I'd certainly

Recommend one of those. Things may have changed a bit

since I took it, but from what I've been told, it's not as

Important to have a detailed knowledge of legislation as it is

To know about practical matters, how cases are handled,

What requirements and professional guidelines there are,

And how these have an impact on insolvency in practice. So

You should keep your eyes and ears open while on the job

Here. And naturally, the importance of strong communication

skills shouldn't be underestimated.

Thomas: I see. What about the other qualifications you need to

become licensed?

Mr Sanderson: Let me see ... Well, you need to have some

years' experience doing insolvency work at a law firm. I

believe you have to have a minimum of five years' full-time

Insolvency work experience. And not less than two of these

Five years must be spent doing higher insolvency work, that

Is, work involving the management or supervision of a case.

And the IPA - that's the Insolvency Practitioners Association

- requires that you're a member of the Association and that

You hold a practising certificate.

Thomas: Pretty demanding.

Mr Sanderson: Quite. And the IPA also has some special

Requirements for students wanting to register with them.

Certain academic qualifications, I believe. I'd certainly

Advise you to look into those.

Thomas: Thanks for the information, Mr Sanderson.

Mr Sanderson: My pleasure.

Part 3

OK, the next item on the agenda is a forthcoming seminar on

E-commerce. This is a one-day event, which will be dealing with

many aspects of doing business online, so it's obviously very

relevant for us. Can you check the date, please? I know that

Last year this seminar took place in July, which caused some

difficulties due to holidays, but this one's in August. The exact

Date is the 7th, um, a Tuesday, I believe.

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