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A affirm B classify C ascertain D locate

A contained B limited C held D bound

A imposed B dictated C obliged D required

A owing B scheduled C due D unpaid

A practising B exercising C commanding D undertaking

Part 2

Questions 13-24

Read the following extract from a journal article about competition.

Think of the best word to fill each gap.

For each question 13-24, writeone word in CAPITALLETTERSon youranswer


There is an example at the beginning (0).

I Example: 0 IT][H][IJ~ [IJD D D D D D D D D D


Invariably in every law (0) are provisions which tend to be overlooked. The

Commercial Agents Regulations are no exception. Ten cases concerning the Regulations

Have reached the UK courts since 1994, but (13) of them has concerned the

Provisions which deal with an agent competing against his or her principal. (14) . . part

This can be attributed (15) .. the fact that the other provisions of the Regulations have

Had (16) ... a great effect on agency law that the non-compete provisions may seem to

Pale into insignificance. But principals who overlook these regulations (17) .. .. so at their


It has always (18) .. ..open to a principal to include a non-compete provision

In an agency contract. The most important consideration here is whether a provision of this

Nature might be void (19) . . a result of infringing the common law doctrine of restraint

Of trade. (20) . . it is fairly easy to determine the legality of restrictions which are either

Extremely harsh in terms (21) .. .. their geographical extent and duration (22) .. .. quite

Lenient, the question of (23) to treat a moderate non-compete provision can be hard

To resolve. In practice, (24) . . that can be said with certainty is that the narrower the

Restriction, the greater the chance of enforceability.

ILECpractice test


Part 3

Questions 25-30

Read the following description of the World Trade Organization, taken from its


Use the words in the box to the right of the text to form one word that fits in the same

Numbered gap in the text. For each question 25-30, write the new word in CAPITAL

LETTERS on your answer sheet. There is an example at the beginning (0).

I Example: 0 0 ~ [I] [E][i] IT]IT]0 [I] [II ~ D D D D

World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization (WTO) exists to create the conditions in which

Trade between nations flows as smoothly, (0) .. .. and freely as possible. To

Achieve this, the WTO provides and regulates the legal (25) . which

Governs world trade. The legal documents of the WTO spell out the various

(26) of member countries. The result is assurance. Producers and

Exporters know that foreign markets will remain open to them, which in turn

Leads to a more (27) , peaceful and (28) economic world.

(29) all decisions in the WTO are taken by consensus among all

Member countries and are then ratified by member parliaments. Trade friction

is channelled into the WTO's dispute (30) . process, where the focus is

on interpreting agreements and commitments and ensuring that countries'

Trade policies operate in conformity with them.









Questions 31-36

Read the following news item from a legal journal.

Use the words in the box to the right of the text to form one word that fits in the

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