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Your firm. You also told me about several recent calls for tender iIi whicnyotg

Company participated; your very competitively priced bids were all rejected, and the

Contracts in every case were awarded to two of your competitors.

After consulting with my colleague David Fisher of our Antitrust and Competition

Department, I have come to the conclusion that it would be wise to look into the

Possibility that anti-competitive agreements have been concluded by your

Competitors. As you are surely aware, behaviour of this kind is not unusual in a

Market situation such as the present one. It could certainly account for the dramatic

Decrease in business you have been experiencing.

In the event that your competitors are found to have been engaging in activities of

This kind, the benefits for your own company would be considerable. These benefits

Would range from a likely increase in market share to more intangible, but

Nonetheless valuable, benefits such as a reputation for honest dealings.

Should you be interested in pursuing this course of action, DaVid Fisher would be

Happy to assist you. Mr Fisher has a great deal of experience in investigating cases of

This kind. At your request, he could begin an enquiry into the matter, which, in its

Early stages, would involve information-gathering in the broadest sense (including an

Analysis of relevant tendering processes). Such an enquiry could take a substantial

Amount of time to conduct. Should this enquiry uncover information confirming our

Suspicions, then. ourfirm is well prepared to assist you.

6 PleaseIet me or David.1?ls:nerknowif you would be interested in having us undertake

Sucnanen.qui.rY on youpbenalf, or if you have any other questions about the matter.

Uookforward. to bearing {roni you.

Yours sincerely

Martin Stockwell


"9 2: p

Using the letter on page 210 as a model, write a proposal in the form of a letter


ANSmWEElRto a client who is the managing director of a large company in the service sector.

p.302 Yourclient's industry has seen cases of cartel formation and price-fixing in the

Past. In order to protect your client against the risks of anti-competitive

Activities, you recommend that he set up guidelines for his employees to help

prevent anti-competitive behaviour. In your letter, you should:

State the reason for writing;

Outline the problem and warn your client of the risks of anti-competitive activities;

G make your recommendation as a solution to this problem;

G point out the benefits to his firm;

V briefly discuss how such guidelines can be developed and implemented with

Your assistance;

V offer to provide further help, if necessary.

"9 ]. hi9h-p

Read the title and the first paragraph of the text, then answer these questions.

1 What kind of text is this? Who was it written for?

2 Which companies are involved? What sector of the economy are they in?

3 Which illegal activities were the firms engaged in?

Unit 15 Competition law


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