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Referring to previous contact

With reference to your letter of 15 February...

In response

Further to

Thank YOL

Stating the reason for writing

I am writing to inform you that...

Closing, offering further assistance

Please contact me again if I can help in any way.

Should you have any further questions, do not

hesitate to contact me.

Referring to future contact

I look forward to your reply / to meeting you / to

26The letter of advice on page 58 has been written in response to a query.

1 How does the lawyer make reference to this query?

2 How is the previous conversation between lawyer and client referred to?

3 At the end of the letter, which sentences are used to indicate willingness to

provide further help and to invite further contact?

27As the associate for corporate counsel to Longfellow Ltd, you have received an



E email from a shareholder requesting information about what happened at the ~NSWER

p.288 board meeting and the EGM documented in the minutes in Reading 3 on page

56. Respondto the request of the shareholder. In your email, you should:

0 refer to the email sent by the shareholder;

0 state the reason for writing;

0 explain the circumstances under which the meetings were held;

0 summa rise the content of the resolutions passed;

0 offer to provide further assistance if necessary.


I~\ Unit 4

To improve your web-based research skills, visit www.cambridge.orgjeltjlegalenglish.click on

Research Tasks and choose Task 4.

Unit 4 Companylaw: fundamental changes in a company



You may need to

1 pause suspend

2 according to related to

3 exempt liable freed

4 convoke call contend

5 continue resume

6 said relevant


Vocabulary: definitionsMatch these

their definitions (a-h).

1 pro-rata distribution

2 under Internal Revenue

3 prior to distribution

4 become a party to a transaction

5 no consideration is paid

6 de facto merger

7 applicable statutes

8 provisions governing merger

Word formationComplete this table by filling

Underline the stressed syllable word

Verb ! Abstract noun

dis!ijbute, distribute d1,strib tion










using the

comply with dispose of enter into lodge at preside at

2 the EGM.

4 respect of

a definitive

EXAMPLE: wY\ve,\l\e,




follow resolution

each of the

Vocabulary: antonymsMatch these words (1-8) opposites (a-h).

2 asset

3 hostile

4 oppose

5 purchase

7 newly formed

8 dissolution



c pre-existing

d approve

e voluntary

f liability



e e

Yourlaw firm hasaskedyouto reviewthe following companylaw caseand the relevant

documentsin preparationfor a meetingwith the other party'slawyer.

Readthis description of the facts of the case. What is the legal issue here?

several occasions,

next to the golf cc

land, it again did not take


buy theland in. their

sold as a package to

directors because

Now a gt01J.p

for a breach of their duty

Task1: Speaking

Divide into two different groups, with one group representing the shareholders and

the other representing the directors being sued.

1 Prepare for negotiations with the other party, referring to the relevant legal

documents on the opposite page. You should:

0 identify the legal issues of the case and determine arguments for your side;

0 list the strengths and weaknesses of your side of the case;

0 decide which parts of the relevant legal documents most strongly support

your case and can be used to argue against the other party's case;

0 make notes for the negotiation: What are your goals? What are you willing to

give? What are you not willing to give?

2 Pair up with a representative of the other party and negotiate a settlement.

3 Report the results of your negotiations to the class.

Task 2: Writing

Write a letter of advice to one of the parties (your choice), in which you outline the

legal issues raised by the case, refer to relevant statutes and provide your opinion

as to the likely outcome of the case.



Text1:excerptfromSection202of the WestlandCorporationsAct

of a corporation in exercising their powers and

faith with a view to the best interests of the corporation; and

ce and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise iJ1

Text 2: Westland Principlesof CorporateLaw, Section 5.05, Part 3

The Westland Principles of Corporate Law, published by the Westland Law Institute,

is used as a guideline for the interpretation of corporate law in Westland. Part 3 of

Section 5.05 deals with the duty of loyalty owed by a director to his company.

5.05 A director shall act in the best interests of the corporation.

of care.

of loyalty includes not taking advantage of a corporate

is a business opportunity that:

.seniorofficer becomes aware of in his or her corporate capacity;

senior executive should know the outside party is offeril.1gtothe.corporatioJ1;

.selJ,iorexecutive, who became aware of it through the use of corporate

know the corporation would be interested in;

eXecutiveknows is closely related to the corporation's current or

Text 3: excerpt from a textbook on corporate law

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